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I’m a Co-Blogger now??

About a week ago or so My Trending Stories approached me and asked if I’d like my content displayed on their website.

My Trending Stories is a new website which features content from a large number of bloggers on topics from entertainment to religion and basically everything. It’s a company based in New York who support the ideology of freedom of speech and expression which as a creative person means everything to me.

What does this mean?

Well this means that along with running this blog I’l also be writing for their website. I’ve already published two articles, notice that the content will overlap from time to time because having completely unique articles for two blogs is double the workload AHH.

Writing on their website is like writing on this platform, a platform guys, and it makes me feel like an author (not that I am an author haha)

You can check out the articles I wrote here and here give me a follow if you’d like

I just like keeping you updated on all the stuff going on in my life so I just had to let you know that I AM A CO-BLOGGER (among many other bloggers but still)