Heir of Fire | Discussion

I recently read and reviewed the Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah.J.Maas and basically there were some things I wanted to discuss, I don’t even know if this is blog worthy but these pointers are just bothering me okay.


1. Sorscha

I absolutely adored Sorscha’s story line at the beginning, I mean who doesn’t like crushes coming true aw! And let’s be honest here I’m not the only one who imagined her in Dorian’s future with little Dorian’s did I? So it was a great surprise when her head got chopped off right before her true identity was revealed. Here’s the pickle

Why introduce such a crucial character to one of our protagonists if you’re going to kill them off? I mean did she really need to die? I understand now Dorian will be full rage and all that but I don’t know okay, I wanted Sorscha and Dorian to happen

2. Celaena and Rowan

Ah the ever famous platonic couple. I don’t know if I’m looking too deeply into this but Celaena and Rowan take a trip to the Healer’s or something and that seems to be the point where their relationship actually starts progressing. I just believe that Healer’s trip if it affected their relationship so drastically  deserves more than a one line reference.

3. Aedion and Chaol

This one is concerning more of the general story line. Am I the only one that doesn’t fully understand the king and his magic and all those tower thing? I mean I just didn’t grasp the information well and it left me with so many questions. That’s the objective isn’t it? to leave the reader hanging….

Just some of my random thoughts on Heir of Fire. Let’s discuss theories in the comments!