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Event Recap | Meeting Tommy Wallach

Tuesday 10th May 2016

The May meeting for the YA Circle over at Dymocks Adelaide featured a very special guest.

I remember hearing at the very first YA Circle meeting that Tommy was coming and freaking out which was followed by weird looks in my direction but let’s move on.

I was first introduced to Tommy when I joined the bandwagon back in 2014 to promote his first YA novel We All Looked Up which I absolutely loved! he’s recently released Thanks for the Trouble which I’m currently in the process of reading and am loving it so far

Tommy is this really outgoing and funny guy whose brutal honesty might have you in tears by the end of the night (I warned you). But seriously, he’s also really perceptive and has interesting opinions about everything from Manic Pixie Dream Girl to the existence of the universe. And I feel like that’s really reflected in his writing, which is incredible because now as I’m reading Thanks for the Trouble it’s like I’m getting to know the author in the process.

Tommy draws a lot of inspiration for his books from films and it was really interesting to see where the inspiration for both his books came from, like We All Looked Up, the idea of an asteroid approaching Earth came from the movie Melancholia.

He was also very honest about what it’s like being a writer. According to Tommy writing is not fun, as in yeah the glory of having a novel out there and going on tours is amazing but the actual task of sitting down and writing is infuriating, I’d have to completely agree given I’m subject to staring at a blank word document every time I go to write an essay for English.

The night evolved into Tommy performing a song from WALU and lots of laughs and banter all around. Of course when it came to meeting him we ended up talking about Lord of Rings and ARCs and typos. It was also lovely to see Gen from Simon & Schuster.

A massive thank you goes to the staff at Dymocks Adelaide for making this possible and of course to Tommy for coming down to Australia!

Here are some fun facts because I never end on cheesy notes:

  • The first draft of Thanks for the Trouble was written while Tommy was at an Artists’ Residence
  • He was an actor/performer as a kid
  • Tommy has written the screenplay for Thanks for the Trouble
  • He’s currently working on a trilogy which is kind of post-apocalyptic but cooler
  • Tommy likes to drink The Slippery Elm because it helps with musical performances