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Cover To Cover | Divergent

Cover To Cover is an original feature at Infinity Reads released every fortnight where we swoon over and analyse pretty covers of the same book.

I can’t believe I haven’t done a Cover To Cover on Divergent yet! so without much further ado these are the pretty covers of Divergent up on the market

The US Version


This has always been my favourite cover! The colours and the glossy texture when you hold it. Also, the contrast of the symbol in the middle mm.

The UK Edition


Now see nothing wrong with these covers but they’re just not as appealing as the US ones. The colours and shadows are fine but the font kind of erks me.

The “Adult” Edition


It’s listed as the adult edition on Goodreads, um okay? but I like this cover. It’s simple, we’ve got the fire going and the simple font as well.

The Film Tie-In Edition


Really? Four and Tris look a little superficial but the colours in the background are pretty and it’s a mediocre cover I guess.

The Other Film Tie-In Edition


I like this cover much better than the previous film tie-in. It’s so dark and badass and Tris looks gorgeous!

The French Edition


Upon first impression I was like “this cover looks so cool!”, but then the person makes the rating go down, I never did like people being on the covers of books. But the artwork and colour scheme is still cool!

The Serbian Edition


This cover is cool too! Again I like the Dauntless symbol in the foreground of the city landscape. The colour scheme is also cool and post apocalyptic.

The Verdict

If I were in a bookstore and I had to pick up one of these…it would be a very difficult choice. I can see myself picking all of these really

Which cover is your favourite?

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Cover to Cover

Cover To Cover | The Fifth Wave

In light of the film being released (my review over here) I decided it was a good time to analyse the different editions of the book available out there.

The English Edition


I believe it’s not the kind of cover that leaves an impression on you but it also isn’t unappealing either. I like the colour scheme and the lighting involved. The shadows definitely do a good job of creating mystery.

The Film Tie-In Edition


The first thing that pops into my head after seeing this cover is that it’s a typical dystopian adaptation cover. However, it is better than some other adaptation covers I’ve seen out there.

The Finnish Edition


This cover has a very science-fiction feel to it, obviously because the book is science fiction I’m guessing. I like the target on the girl but the big 5 seems to be bothering me a little. The colour scheme of the cover is good too.

The Croatian Edition


This cover looks cool! It reminds me of the Under The Never Sky series. I like the gradient, scenic effect and yeah it’s an overall pleasing cover.

The Chinese Edition


This gives me like destruction feels. It’s hardcore and almost brutal, what with the font and everything. Definitely a note worthy cover.

The Verdict 

If I were in a bookstore I would most likely be picking up the English edition because it has a clean cut feeling to it however, the Croatian edition would be a close second?

What’s your favourite cover?


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Cover To Cover | Cinder by Marissa Meyer

It is a very exciting time here at Infinity Reads.


Cover To Cover is basically an excuse for me to swoon over the many beautiful covers for the same book! At the end there’ll be a verdict as to which my favourite cover is.

What’s in it for you?

You get a visually pleasing post and get to decide your favourite edition of that book. Oh and as always you might just discover a new book to add to your reading list.

According to the title of this post. Today’s Cover To Cover is……Cinder by Marissa Meyer!


The original cover

Very symbolic with the iconic shoe and the prosthetic leg. I also love the font used.

The Spanish Edition

It’s simplistically beautiful. I mean the font isn’t too catchy and the background is just black. But that dress is so beautiful and again symbolic with the one shoe.

The Czech Edition

Isn’t this so interesting. I really like the cloudy effects in the background and the blue is pleasing too. The girl reminds me of some Anime instead of Cinder though.

The Portuguese Edition

Similar to the Spanish one. I like the colour scheme used for the girl but the blue just ruins it for me.

The Turkish Edition

This is so much more darker than the original. It’s also more intricate, I love the little Rose on the shoe.

Another Spanish Edition

The glass slipper is pretty but I prefer the red one nonetheless.

The Verdict

     I’m tossing up between the original and the Turkish

I mean the Turkish one is edgier and darker but the original represents the story better. Which one would I pick up in a bookstore? The Turkish One

That is a wrap on the first ever Cover To Cover here on Infinity Reads. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the beautiful covers

What book do you wanna see a Cover To Cover on?



NOTE: All covers taken from Goodreads