Blogger Recognition Award

Thank you so much to The Lit Mermaid for a Blogger Recognition Award nomination! You’re the best!


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How my blog started

I vaguely recall wanting a space to record my thoughts on books so I somehow stumbled upon WordPress (it was fate) and created a blog.  At the time I was obsessed with the idea of infinity and my best friend’s favourite band was Infinite (KPOP fans anyone?) so hence, Infinity Reads. I remember losing interest in the first month or so then I noticed people were actually reading and commenting on my stuff so that kept me going and here we are!

Probably not the most exciting/inspirational blogging story you’ve ever heard but yeah.

Advice for new bloggers

I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now which in my opinion isn’t that long but the three pieces of advice I would have to give new bloggers are:

1. Don’t Give Up

The MOST important thing about blogging is commitment and perseverance. You’ve got to have patience, the people and the recognition, the fun, everything will come in due time. Remember, focus on the light at the end of the tunnel

2. Be Passionate About Your Content

There’s no point in blogging about makeup if it doesn’t excite you. Create the kind of content that gives you satisfaction, that makes you want to keep creating MORE and also, create content that you’d want to read yourself. In saying that, stay true to yourself and your blog but try to balance your audience’s needs at the same time.

3. Be Yourself

Okay in the initial stages it’s okay to be (highly) inspired by other blogs but as you go along try adding your own personality and your uniqueness to your blog, trust me it goes a long way. People will always appreciate you showing them your quirky side, it means you’re a real person.


I can usually never be bothered nominating people (laziness you see). But here’s a list I compiled!

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Safa @ Books over people

Janelle @A million pages, a million worlds

Rochelle @Inside my worlds


Kacie @Kacies Bookshelf 


Chanice @Inside the mind of a bibliophile