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20 Bookish Blog Post IdeasĀ 

It’s hard to keep posting frequently and create unique content everytime which is why I came up with 20 blog post ideas for book bloggers. And if you’re not a book blogger simply tell me in the comments and I can make a similar post for blogs in general!

1. Book review ( pretty self explanatory)

2. Bookish Tags- these are especially handy during holiday season because everyone can get into the spirit!  See Tis the season book tag from last year 

3. A post about your To Be Read pile. Tell your readers what you’re excited to start reading 

4.A weekly or monthly or yearly favourite reads post 

5. Make a post about your favourite place to read ( is it a cubby hole? Or simply your bed?) 

6. A book box Unboxing post. There’s a trend where like a million book boxes are up for subscription these days. Maybe review one and let your readers know how you like it 

7. A book inspired outfit post 

8. A book inspired makeup post 

9. Create your own book related quiz (I’ll be doing this one soon!)

10. Share a fictional piece of writing by you or write a short story

11. Discuss a contemporary topic related to books (LGBTQ, the rise of audiobooks) 

12. Write a post expressing an unpopular opinion 

13. Review a book to film adaptation 

14. Do a prediction post for the sequel of a book or predict how an entire series will pan out.

15. Cook something from a book and make a post about it 

16. Review a bookish event or conference that you attended 

17. Create an appreciation post where you shout out all your favourite bloggers 

18. Create a bookish gift guide for this holiday season 

19. Share your favourite quotes from a book or books 

20. Make a blogging advice or tutorial post (How to get ARCs or Promote got blog on Twitter) 

I hope these helped and if you have any more please leave them in the comments below!