Summer ’14

A collection of photographs I took on my Yashica 38mm Film Camera during December 2014. Enjoy!








Fancy sunset hey? wait ’til you see the next one



This is the carnival I mentioned in my We Forget post!


I had to put some food in there duh. Yay for Churros


C’est Moi. Okay let’s move on and yes my shirt says Unicorn on it. Judge me.


And then I went to Africa. Joking! These were taken at a wildlife park. I was especially excited to see the White Rhinos since they’re some of the most endangered species right now. Here’s a mother and child taking a stroll.


There’s Simba and his long lost sister just chillin’


It’s a Rock Wallaby NOT a Kangaroo. I may or may not have scared him away soz.


Giraffes are literally the cutest

I know I’m not a professional photographer or anything but I wanted to share these with you since I was so chuffed with myself. Thanks for stopping by!




Deep Cleaning is Medieval Torture

i recall reading on Uberfacts the other day that cleaning your room can actually release stress. I tell you what? it doesn’t.

The end of the school year in Australia means that I chuck out literally all the notes I took throughout the year. If you think about it, what was the point of filling all those pages with ink. It;s not like, during university I’m gonna flick back and look at my tenth grade Chemistry notes.

Looking at the bigger picture, school, seems kinds pointless. But that’s besides the point

As I began cleaning my room  my thoughts were more in the direction of “I don’t have that much stuff to chuck away right?”

By the end they were more like : How the hell did I accumulate so much crap?

Notebooks, magazines, Minion pencil cases and every bloody thing you can imagine was piled on my bedroom floor, stuff I hadn’t even known existed. Instead of feeling relieved that my room was now “lighter” my mind felt clustered because if I had this much unknown crap, I probably had more I didn’t know about.

I also had a massive headache by the end because I had to sort through everything and ask myself: Do i really need this? I hate those moments cuz the stuff you think you need, you actually don’t and the stuff you throw away turns out would’ve been handy in a future situation

So yeah. I guess you could say deep cleaning your room can be categorized as a form of Medieval Torture.

On a more positive note, I did escape to the beach and the sound of sea gulls, dogs, waves, terrific winds, the sea and the burning sensation of salt water on my legs was somehow calming. I find chaos calming.

I think the moral of the story is: There is order in chaos