Top 5 Wednesday | Authors I’d like to meet


This week’s top five is about authors we’d like to meet which is such a hard topic to narrow down to five since I wanna meet each and every author I’ve read books from because I feel like authors are the perfect people to discuss books with since they have exclusive insight and all that good stuff.

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Richelle Mead!


Books Read: The Vampire Academy and Bloodlines

Why I wanna meet them:

Richelle seems so lovely and she never forgets to mention how much she loves her international (Aussies) fans!

What I would do upon meeting them:

If I ever get the chance to go to the USA or if she ever comes to Australia I will tackle her in a bear hug (is that too violent?) No but seriously I would just have a casual chat about life and her upcoming projects, take a few hundred selfies and of course get her to sign my tower of Richelle Mead books!


Gayle Forman 

Books Read: If I stay, Where she went and I was Here

Why I wanna meet them:

For the past few months I have been continuously raving about Gayle Forman. Well I am kind of obsessed with all her books and all the boys in her books (wink wink). I saw her Goodreads interview the other day and she seems so down to Earth and can we just take a moment to admire her majestic hair aah!

What I would do upon meeting them:

From reading her books I feel like Gayle is really into the music scene so I would ask her about songs I should add to my playlist. It would also be cool discussing her experience with If I Stay becoming a movie and also her inspiration for the intriguing, mystery filled plot of I was Here.



Books Read: A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Why I wanna meet them:

I read A Song of Ice and Fire series in five months straight up and I watch the show religiously so of course I wanna meet GRRM

What I would do upon meeting them:


I feel like I would get intimidated because I hold him in such high regards. But I would try and get a few spoilers out of him without success, in all honesty I would just be happy discussing the characters and where the initial idea for Game of Thrones all came from.


Jane Austen (no one mentioned anything about the author being still alive.)

Books Read: Pride & Prejudice

Why I wanna meet them:

Because it’s freakin’ Jane Austen that’s why. Doesn’t every literary addict wanna meet this genius writer?

What I would do upon meeting them:

I would question how she came back from the dead.

After that we’d sit down for some tea and Scones and I ‘d ask her all about life in the 19th Century and being a female writer and yeah it would be an interesting conversation with me trying to decipher her language and vice versa. Oh and I’d take a selfie to make everybody and their uncle jealous.

I know Austen should’ve been number One but you’ll see….


John Green

Books Read: The Fault in Our Stars, An Abundance of Katherines, Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns

Why I wanna meet them:

High school for me has been all about John Green and his writing and I feel like I’ve grown up with it. Plus John is a Nerdfighter, he is THE Nerdfighter which is awesome and crazy and I feel like I’ll just be bombarded with smartness and knowledge meeting him.

What I would do upon meeting them:

I ‘d ask him to pinch me just in case it was a dream. After that I would hyperventilate.

After eventually settling down and if he is still around I would have a casual chat with him about absolutely everything and nothing. Sounds like so much FUN. Oh and I’d take selfies because let’s be honest…it’s John Green.

I hope you enjoyed reading my weird ideas about meeting my favourite authors and let me know who you’d like to meet and what you’d do upon meeting them!