A Very Aussie Skincare Haul

I just wanted an excuse to show you what I got from Kangaroo Island. You can read all abut my trip here but other than that here are some purchase ideas

Lavender Shower Gel

I visited a lavender farm and learnt about all the amazing things lavender can do for your skin so of course I wanna come out of the shower smelling good. The product is handmade from locally sourced lavender

Honey Lip Balm

So I visited a honey farm and honey is one of those things that is good for every part of your body like as a food, as soaps, as a foot scrub. But I just wanted a nice lip balm for these cold winter months

Earthy Body Lotion

Not gonna lie I stole this from the hotel’s skincare line. It smells like crushed leaves and I just could not resist

Miraculous Emu Oil

So we visited a eucalyptus distillery and the lady was saying how this oil can be used a natural parabin free mosituriser in the morning. I tried a bit in the store and it smells like nothing but it leaves your skin feeling so nourished

Stolen Facial Bar

Again this was in the hotel product range and the idea of a hydrating facial bar which smells like crushed leaves just gets me okay

Those are all the things I spent my money on. I haven’t tried any but they all look so promising