5 Things To Consider Before You Move Out

Moving out. That daunting leap of faith that everyone dreams of at least once in their life. But dreams aside, there are certain practical questions you need to ask yourself before taking the big step

Why Are You Doing It?

Before you do anything else, you gotta have your intentions straight. Why exactly do you want to live alone? for some it might be personal family matters which I won’t delve into. But for others:

is it life experience you’re looking for?

Is it because you wanna study in a certain place?

Is it because (like me) you think there’s something bigger and better waiting for you out there?

Look inside yourself first

How are you gonna do it?

While it would be desirable for Santa to come down the chimney and pay my rent, unfortunately that’s not how things work

Will you be able to afford rent? electricity? petrol? food? (yeah it’s a long list)

If you’re still in school and have some time before you make the big decision, I suggest you start saving up from today. Even a dollar a day is gonna go a long way

Who’s gonna help you?

The survival of human beings is built on the support systems we create around ourselves.

Are your parents, friends, colleagues or pets gonna support you in this endeavour?

If you’re unfit like me who’s gonna help you lug that mini fridge up to your new bedroom? (thanks dad)

There might be times when people will tell you not to do this or they won’t necessarily beleive in you. But you know what? that’s even more reason to do what you want and at the end of the day you have to be there for yourself

Are you ready?

Responsibilities and debts and expectations and having to cook your own food when you’ve got 15 hours of study to catch up on and making money otherwise you won’t be able to pay rent.

But with all that dread comes independence and freedom and being able to call something “your place” and looking around and having the ultimate satisfaction of saying to your non-existent audience

“I created my own life”