A mysterious package

Today I received a package.

Returning home from school with a bag of lemons (thank you kind neighbour) I sighted a certain box nestled on my pillow


Feeling puzzled by the “handle with care” I proceeded to penetrate the box open with a pair of scissors.


Not gonna lie I’ve always dreamt of these white things. As weird as that may sound I just love squishy packaging,  it shows that people care you know.

I’m sure you’re dying to know what is in there, well so was I. Without further redue ” drumroll”


I’m so sorry, it won’t freakin rotate!

But yes George R R martin’s fresh from the printer A world of Ice and Fire, the untold history of westeros.

I cannot wait to dive into some history and get a better understanding for Winds of Winter. 

I can’t really review this book but let me know if you want me to perhaps discuss opinions or theories?

I hope you enjoyed my short narration, a really exciting blog post is coming on Tuesday! So get ready

I’m also busy with Nanowrimo
prep hence why there wasn’t a review or anything

Have a great life