Book reviews

A Feast for Crows- Review

Author: George R.R.Martin

Series: A song of Ice and Fire #4
Pages: 1000 something
Genre: Fantasy
Instead of providing me with answers this book left me with even more questions. I read it about a month ago so it’s not fresh in my mind so I’m sorry if I get the details wrong but yea. The easiest way to do this is by talking about the characters.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

Cersei’s chapters were the most anticipated ones in this book. Her power hungry nature developing her into this paranoid person reminded me of Mad Aerys. It made me realize that she would do anything to remain queen (cough sleep with everyone cough). Learning about her past with Maggi the Frog and the prophecy was really interesting, it explains why she has always hated Tyrion. I have some theories on that prophecy but we’ll leave that for another post.
The whole conspiring Cersei did against Margery I feel like was portrayed in a very distant way, like most of the time readers weren’t present during the time that Margery was “caught in the act” and taken to the Sept, it just made it so boring to be honest although it was a great scheme by Cersei. It was funny how towards the end her whole plan backfired and she herself ended up captivated, makes me curious as to how her story will play out.
The Martells
I absolutely loved Dorne, however the Martells are another case. I mean Arianne Martell seems like a great character, I would have loved to see more chapters from her but the incident with Myrcella getting Injured towards the end of the book was AGAIN not in first person so for one entire chapter I was confused out of my mind as to what exactly happened argh!
In saying that I liked the theory of making Myrcella queen but that seems a bit impossible now.
Ok so I was really excited for Sam to go to Oldtown and become a maester WITHOUT Maester Aemon dying but he was an old man so what can you do. But when I found out about Jon switching the babies and the real reason Gilly was crying the whole time on the boat I hated Jon! Sam should have just returned to the Wall and beat some sense into Jon right then.
Now that Sam knows about Daenerys though I am interested to see where his storyline will lead and will he ever encounter Daenerys? I don’t know, I feel like all the main characters will at some point.
There are never enough Arya chapters and this book had next to nothing but I loved how Arya killed that stupid singer but her going blind created a bit of a cliffhanger and I’m a bit worried.
The Greyjoys
It was interesting seeing the Ironborn carry out the king trials (forgot the exact name sorry), they are an odd bunch aren’t they? I’m gonna be honest here and say I was rooting for Asha the whole time but ah well the Crow’s Eye wins. The story left with them advancing King’s Landing and I just don’t have an opinion on that yet.

Those were all the characters that interested me in A Feast For Crows. Brienne’s chapters were just so boring and I’m just not interested in her anymore for some reason. Also, let’s hope Loras Tyrell doesn’t die at Dragonstone because I do like him.
A Feast for Crows was definitely much slower paced than Storm of Swords, it involved less action and more political and family drama and I don’t mind drama so I liked it.
I’m excited to read A Dance with Dragons with all my favourite characters Daenerys, Tyrion and Jon, this book better have some answers.