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A Dance with Dragons-10 WTF moments

This post contains spoilers concerning A Song of Ice and Fire series by George.R.R.Martin. Read ahead at your own risk.  

Here are my 10 WTF moments from A Dance with Dragons.


 10. Bran finds the three eyed raven and more


This one came as no surprise since it did feature in season 4 of Game of thrones before I’d even started reading ADWD. It was still pretty fascinating to discover that the children of the forest are still alive and Bran has such an amazing gift.  The times when he went into the weirwoods and communicated with Ned Stark and Theon Greyjoy was SO COOL.

9. Jaime-Brienne reunion


It was like a bomb was dropped into the room, one moment Jaime was wondering how Brienne might be doing and the next she appeared in front of him out of nowhere! And she found Sansa? in Sandor Clegane’s captivity wut? I thought he died when Arya left him. In fact, throwback to A Feast for Crows I thought Brienne was getting hanged by Lady Stoneheart.


8. Fall of Cersei


To be honest we can all blame this one on Karma. It was so obvious this was it for her but it still came as a shock as she was such a strong independent character.  Cersei is not one I expected to be humiliated and worn down, I wonder if she does win the trial and escape execution will she go back to her former self, knowing Cersei she probably will.

7 and 6. Mance Rayder

Numbers 7 and 6 fall into the same category as they are both concerning Mance. This was literally a WTF moment. Mance is alive! and he was hiding under a false face with the help of sorcery what!


I believed him a traitor when he didn’t return from Jon’s mission but turns out he is in Winterfell, trying to rescue Arya who is actually Jeyne in collaboration with Theon,  Nw that is one big…mess. But it’s cool that he helped Jeyne and Theon escape.

5.  Quentyn the pretender

I truly believed Quentyn wanted to marry Daenerys in order to support the Targaryen cause but turns out he only wanted the dragons. Of course he did.  I can’t believe I dwelt on such a foolish fantasy that he did like her. People either want Dany’s dragons or they want to sleep with her. I won’t hesitate to say Quentyn deserved to die kidnapping the dragons I mean any fool can see it’s foolish to kidnap dragons (that probably doesn’t make sense but meh)

4. Just when you start liking a character, GRRM decides to kill them

I’m referring to Jon Connington/ Griff. I know he isn’t technically dead yet but he did get Grayscale. One of the most devastating moments in ADWD was when he found out he had the disease. Just before that point I was like, “hey I like this guy he’s so devoted”, then BAM he is about to die. Thanks GRRM thanks a lot.


The worst part is he is still able to prevent it but won’t like dude chop off your arm who cares at least you won’t die.

3. Tortured Theon feels

I am scared of Ramsay Snow/Bolton. The magnitude to which he tortured like to the point where Theon wouldn’t even acknowledge his true identity was horrendous.  Sure the physical torture was unpleasant but what really got me was how mentally damaged Theon was.  I could feel the pain especially when he made his decisions based on whether Ramsay would approve of them or not.


It did get quite repetitive and annoying during the book when he went “Reek it rhymes with______”.

I am very content that Theon escaped Ramsay and is now in the hands of his sister, maybe they could escape together? I don’t know.

The final two WTF moments are about the same person and that person is………


Do I even need to say anything more like the name in itself is a WTF. People who had read ahead of me hinted on a new Targaryen but for some reason I refused to acknowledge its existence. Even when Tyrion called it during ADWD I got Aegon and Jon Connington confused with Quentyn and his band of Dornishmen (both groups are pretty similar ok) but finally I did acknowledge the existence of Rhaeger and Elia’s son.  It was so enlightening to learn that Varys swapped the babies and Aegon was making his way to Daenerys so they could rule the world together YAY

But no. The biggest WTF was when Aegon took Tyrion’s advice.



Like are actually listening to Tyrion and riding to King’s Landing without Daenerys or the dragons. WHAT. I don’t think even Tyrion was serious when he gave that idea. But then again Aegon does have the Golden company so curious to see how this will all work out. (God I hope he doesn’t die)

I’ve only met Aegon through various character POVs and I will welcome the opportunity to read some Aegon POVs in the Winds of Winter.

Those are my top 10 WTF moments in A Dance with Dragons. What was the biggest shocker for you during ADWD or even throughout the whole series?