Rating system

Presenting the unique rating system that will be occupied by my blog.

5 Crescents


There are not many instances where this one will be seen UNLESS the book is absolutely mind blowing crazy amazing! If you one of these it means I loved the book to pieces and it reached my high expectations and boy do I have high expectations!

4 Crescents


I tend to rate too many of my books this rating. It means I likes the book, it was entertaining but it didn’t blow my mind. There is just that little something that is holding the book back.

3 Crescents 


Average books will be adorned with this beautiful rating. The book wasn’t too great or too bad, it just didn’t tickle my heart (as weird as that sounds).

2 Crescents


We move on to the danger zone here. I rarely give this rating since I usually become generous BUT if a book did receive this rating it means there were flaws and I just didn’t enjoy the book as much but it was bearable. 

1 Crescent 


I have literally NEVER used this rating although there have been some instances. The book was unbearable, it was either too cliche or too boring or too confusing and arr it was just unbearable. Hopefully I never come across too many of those.

Generally I don”t give much thought to rating and let my instincts decide which in my opinion is the truest form of judgement.


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