10 Things I Like About Melbourne

So I was gonna do my really exciting post today but I am knackered from doing the really exciting thing today so here is a comprehensive list of everything I like about Melbourne. Hopefully this makes you want to visit sometime!

  1. There is always something going on in Melbourne (Plays, Exhibitions, Street festivals)
  2. How vibrant the city is
  3. The joys of getting lost on the not so good public transport system
  4. The cold weather which gives me an excuse to stay in
  5. The tall buildings that make me feel like I’m in New York
  6. The brunch spots
  7. How cheap everything is (compared to other Australian cities)
  8. How Melbourne is THE place for young people
  9. The open mindedness
  10. The fact that I feel like my heart belongs in this place


Desk Inspiration 

Just a few ideas on how to spruce up your study space! Deets about the photographed items below 

Watch: Kmart 

Plant: Kmart 

Calendar: Newsagency 

Candle: Some Tourist Shop 

Book: Typo

Laptop: HP 

I’ve got a really exciting day tomorrow which I cannot wait to share with you all! 

5 Places I’m Dying To Travel To

I bet at least once in your life you’ve thought of packing up, leaving everything behind and just exploring.

Well so have I and if time and money permitted me to, this is where I’d take off to

Cape Town, South Africa  Image result for cape town

One of my most sought after destinations. It’s got nature, wildlife, a history and it’s in the southern hemisphere so the seasons line up with Australia!

Latin America

Image result for ecuador

Puerta Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, I wanna see it all! Once again I absolutely love the culture and the Amazon and the sense of adventure this place has

Dominican Republic

Image result for dominican republic

This country recently came to my attention and might I say it looks gorgeous, It also has amazing jungle zip lining


Image result for croatia

I have wanted to visit the place ever since Game of Thrones was filmed there. It seems like a jump in time to a classy 18th century Europe

French Canada

Image result for quebec

I go where the snow goes. I absolutely love the French culture and Canada seems like such a peaceful country to visit


Winners Don’t Quit, Quitters Don’t Win?

So I’ve taken it upon myself to blog every day in June.

June guys! we’ve reached the middle, the halfway point, we’re halfway there!

Somehow it still hasn’t hit me that it is the middle of the year. I mean time is just a social construct and reality is an illusion after all.

Anyways, so the point of this post?

See I’ve got exams coming up and I feel like a lot of people have similar experiences where they get told not to be too hard on themselves this time around and to take it easy and that university is a long process blah blah.

See, the way I see it, you get one shot at this one subject so you might as well go all out or go home you know?

I like walking out of exams knowing i gave myself the best possible chance at success and if I don’t get the results I was hoping for?

Well, sometimes your best isn’t good enough but at least you’re not regretting the fact that you watched Netflix instead of doing that practice exam.

Also, if you hustle now for just s little bit, whether it be exams or a project or just life, then I’m sure when you do get to relax it’ll be totally worth it and you won’t be guilt tripping yourself.

So, that’s my philosophy when it comes to exams

Of course it’s important to give yourself regular breaks and go for walks and things

But in the end it’s your hardwork you’ll be taking into that examination room and not your procrastination so get hustling cuz winner don’t quit and quitter don’t win!

Your Heart Vs Your Head

I don’t know about you but I’ve always wondered if we choose our own destiny or if it is predetermined. I think it’s a bit of both.

I think, in life, we all have a choice

The choice between choosing something that makes our soul sing with joy- for me it’s writing. It’s this blog

The other choice is the more rational one. The one that tells me I need grounding and certainty. For me, that’s my education

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret choosing to study. Law IS my passion and it does make my soul sing with joy but it comes with a great burden.

Writing on the other hand sets me free. It lights up my soul, I can become a recluse from all the world and it’s perils. I can forget for a second that I’m not getting ranked against 500 of my “peers”. Because this is my corner and I am not ranked against anyone but appreciated for whatever I decide to write.

At the end of the day, I feel like while you might start by following your head, your heart has a way of leading you to where you truly belong in life.

So I don’t know what’s going to happen to this blog or my degree in 20 years time but I think my heart does.


The Friendzone

The breaker of all hearts, the doomed F-word and the ultimate verbatim of how the rest of your romantic life will pan out. Or is it really?

I’ve been doing a of thinking about the friendzone and I have a theory that it might not be as bad as people make it out to be

First of all, let’s define the F-word

According to Urban Dictionary the Friendzone is defined as the following:

This is the worst position someone can be in, if they have feelings for someone. When a person develops romantic feelings for someone, but the other person only sees the relationship as just being friends

I think this is in fact not the worst position a person can be in. Quick disclaimer but I have been in the friendzone in the past so I’m not coming from a completely ambiguous position.

I have a feeling that if someone does not reciprocate your feelings maybe it’s because they’re not supposed to?

From a completely optimistic point of view, maybe the universe knows more than it lets on and in factt knows that this person is not right for you as more than a friend.

While it might seem like the world is ending and that you’ll never be able to continue be friends, trust me, you will.

Because your amazing, perfect, beautiful self would have moved on and hey, guess what you’re left with? a great friend!

Imagine if you never took the time to be friends with them in the first place and asked them out instantly? you wouldn’t even have had a chance to add a friend onto your list. It’s either all or nothing

But with the friendzone, at least you get a friend out of it and who knows what time will bring about?

This is a fun little post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Hope you enjoyed!

The Place for YA At University

Something happened today.

You see, up until this point I felt a lack of reading culture at my university. It was an absence that continued to plague me and I couldn’t help asking myself?

How do these people not love books?!

Don’t get me wrong, I have found a few mutual friends who share a love of books but at a larger scale people tend to be more concerned with socialising and surfing facebook than generating thoughtful discussions on books.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect other people’s ideals but sometimes I feel like we as a society tend to be promoting a more extroverted ideal more than the notion of taking time to yourself and immersing yourself in reading or a more though provoking exercise.

Why is that?

On a more happier note, I did find a little nook at my university which is dedicated to leisure reading. The sight of shelves upon shelves of YA books warmed my heart like nothing else ever could and ever will.