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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go To Law School

People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to law school and what it entails so I decided to put some of my perspective into these conceptions. 1.You like reading so you’ll breeze through law school WRONG! Law school will change your entire idea of what it means to read. Remember when reading was… Continue reading 5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go To Law School

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BOOK REVIEW | The Secret Science of Magic

Title: The Secret Science of Magic Author: Melissa Kiel Genre: YA Contemporary Synopsis:CLICK HERE  Expected Publication Date: 1st April 2017 This book was unlike anything I have ever read before. Sure, I’ve read a lot of romances in my life and sure I’ve read the occasional Sci-Fi book and sure I’ve picked up my maths… Continue reading BOOK REVIEW | The Secret Science of Magic


CHEAP Book Haul 

So as I was walking the streets of Melbourne with my good friend, we noticed a sign saying  CLOSING DOWN SALE ALL BOOKS $6 Inevitably we freaked and went straight in and did some damage. Nelson Mandela in his own words: A compilation of Mandela’s best speeches throughout history  The scarlet letter:  I have been… Continue reading CHEAP Book Haul 

law school

LAW SCHOOL ! A Horror Story

I don’t belong here  Why did i ever think coming into law school was a good idea  I’m half as tall as everyone else and twice as shy. I’m not bold or upfront or extroverted.  These thoughts mill around my head as I travel from lecture to lecture, understanding the contents but never quite grasping… Continue reading LAW SCHOOL ! A Horror Story


10 Things In Life That You’ll Never Get Back

You’ll never be as young as you are today With youth comes the chance to make mistakes. You’ll never have another chance to make as many mistakes as you want You’ll never have the chance to learn and grow from those mistakes You’ll never get another day quite like this one so cherish it- watch… Continue reading 10 Things In Life That You’ll Never Get Back

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LAW SCHOOL | Expectation Vs Reality

So I’m starting this new series on the blog which I’m sure will go on for a decade (because that’s how long it’ll take me to get my degree). But if you’d like more serious advice posts about studying and studying law just let me know! EXPECTATION: Life will be like an episode of Suits REALITY:… Continue reading LAW SCHOOL | Expectation Vs Reality


5 Things To Consider Before You Move Out

Moving out. That daunting leap of faith that everyone dreams of at least once in their life. But dreams aside, there are certain practical questions you need to ask yourself before taking the big step Why Are You Doing It? Before you do anything else, you gotta have your intentions straight. Why exactly do you… Continue reading 5 Things To Consider Before You Move Out