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The Circus: Animal Cruelty or A Better Option?

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So today I went to the circus for the first time.

As I passed the gates there were inevitably some animal rights activists yet the circus promised a ‘new take’ on animal circus.

Part of me wondered if my money was going towards progressing a philosophy which did not match my morals at the core. I believe animals are sacred beings that deserve to be treated with the utmost respect for all they have done for humankind since the beginning of time.

Prior to purchasing tickets to the show I had done my research and learnt that the animals were treated in a respectful and humane manner.

Out of the two hour show the animals were only presented in three acts which consisted of them doing simple walks, turns, hurdles and flying(in the case of the Macaw). It was amusing to watch and the animals seemed to understand they were somehow pleasing the humans

A thought occurred to me as I watched the Welsh Pony gallop about the stage. If the pony hadn’t been taken in by the circus where would it be? One of the biggest arguments that animal rights activists present is that animals belong in their natural habitat aka the wild.

But looking at climate change, the increasing poaching industry and illegal hunting isn’t that pony better off in the circus where it gets fed, washed and applauded?

I believe animal circus doesn’t violate the boundaries of nature as long as it does not keep in captivity those animals that aren’t meant to be kept captive. Take the lion for example. Even then, chances are the lion will get captured or poached in the wild so isn’t it better off in the circus?

The truth is, humans have made an animal’s true home more dangerous than the ones humans provide.

So how can we sit there and judge animal circus? Isn’t it doing a greater service to the wild than a disservice?


5 Places I Want To Travel To in 2018

Anyone acquainted with the joys of exploring a new place knows how tempting it is to start planning your next travel adventure already

This year while I do want to travel overseas, I want the emphasis to be on exploring Australia more. Because sometimes the greatest beauty lies in your own back yard!


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From coastal weather to lush greenery Tasmania seems like a dream gateway. While the scenery does promise to be breathtaking I’m most excited for the freshest seafood and that small town secluded feeling


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From beachy resorts to adrenaline filled ziplining Queensland has all the wonder of the tropics. But I’m most keen to explore the spots that get overlooked like Townsville. Where you’re able to explore the Great Barrier Reef without bumping into too many tourists or explore the local heritage


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Out of the blue Asia has become a hot travel destination and I wanna jump on that bandwagon. While the food and the basking city life does seem exciting, I want to use Malaysia as a gateway to increase my knowledge on Islamic architecture and history

Pacific Islands

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I’m grouping New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Solomon islands here to create the perfect magical gateway! I feel like the beauty of these isolated islands is that they’re mostly untouched by capitalism and it gives you a real chance to interact with the locals

New Zealand

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This has been on my bucket list for so long! so close yet so far from Australia New Zealand promises some of the most iconic scenes. It seems like a Nat Geo photographer’s dream and there’s so much this tiny country has to offer


5 Tips To Survive College Alone

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As daunting as college is on its own it’s even worse if you’re moving to a new place where you don’t happen to know anyone.

At least that’s what the misconception is

That is why your girl is here to clear up some things and give you some tips that might help you with college as well as school

Everyone is in the same boat

It might seem like everyone has their shit together but really they don’t. Heading into our 20s we’re all lost and there is nothing we’d love more than to meet people that can inspire us. So while it might seem like there’s not point making friends, trust me everyone is open to friendhsip

You have a long way to go

No matter what you’re studying or how long your degree is, when you start college you’re starting fresh. So don’t stress about knowing what exact job you wanna land in three years’ time. Enjoy the emotional highs and lows while they last

Be selective

In high school, you were stuck with the same concentrated group of people for a long time but in college you have freedom to join an older crowd or a younger crowd, you have freedom to explore interests that simply weren’t there in high school so make your choice!

Those are some things I’ve learnt over the year but seriously if you take it easy and handle every situation as it comes you’ll thrive because hey you made it this far in life

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Where Is This Blog Going?

So it’s been a while

I went to university and came back and in between all that Infinity Reads sat neglected.

It’s funny how when you move to college your priorities shift completely. I mean for me grocery shopping and cramming at the library took precedence over blogging

And that is understandable I suppose

But I miss blogging. I’ve never cared much about the numbers but I miss the feeling of sending something that is so completely mine out into the world! I miss the creative process

So I’m back.

I’m not going to make any promises of regular posts or anything but at this point I have quite a lot of content I want to share

On a side note. Do people read blogs anymore?

I hope they do

Anyways, if you’ve been gone a while like I have, welcome back to Infinity Reads!

You can expect the usual book related posts, travel posts (tons of those!) and also lifestyle posts because I’ve become something of a life coach this past year



Five Reasons NOT To Travel

In light of my recent post about five reasons to go travelling NOW, I only thought it fitting to give you five reasons not to go travelling

Because everyone else is doing it

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I mean the whole point of a trend is that everyone is getting on it right. But like what I mean to say is that don’t go to Bali because everyone else is going to Bali. If you hate humidity and coconuts you’re gonna hate Bali. Ask yourself where your own interest lie.

To brag on Instagram

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Or any other social media. I mean part of what makes our generation amazing is that we’re able to share our lives with thousands of people but your primary reasons to travel should not be to give yourself a nice insta feed.

To empty your bank account

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When I say go travel  I don’t mean drop everything and leave. Try being a good, budget traveller, you wanna come out rich in experiences, not material things. Although a little splurge never hurt anyone

To get away from something/someone

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Don’t use travelling as an excuse to run away from your problems because that will only make the journey that much less enjoyable

I could try and think of a fifth reason but i just love travelling too much so i hope the four suffice!


Five Reasons To Go Travelling Now

Travelling has become one of the biggest trends of our time and I cannot resist joining the wagon. If you’re not already convinced, let me give you five reasons to go explore the world!

That Feeling

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My number one reason to go travelling is to have that feeling. You know that feeling where you realise how beautiful our world is and you don’t want to take out your phone just yet because it might just ruin the moment you’re having?

Go travel for that feeling.

To gain more knowledge

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While reading books gives you plenty of knowledge, travelling is a more proactive way of gaining that knowledge. You see new places, history, language, human existence, it all comes down to one experience.

The Food

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I don’t know about you but put something new on my plate and it might just become my next fav food. When you go travelling you’re bound to come across a culture or city’s local foods that you won’t find in your home town. That is an adventure in itself

You’ll have a story to tell

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No matter where the adventure takes you, you’ll have a story to tell and that will shape the person you are. You’ll grow and learn as you navigate a city’s subway system or learn how to use chopsticks.

It will make you more empathetic

In a world where people just can’t help but turn against each other, travelling the world and learning a thing or two without relying on the media might just help make you a better person.

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18 Things I Learnt While 18

In true consistent fashion, I have turned one year older this July. I did one of these last year and so it continues.

  1. Hard work ALWAYS pays off
  2. The things that scare you the most transform into the best life experiences
  3. There is a difference between taking a leap of faith and running into something headlong
  4. Patience is the key to everything
  5. Always be kind to people
  6. EVERYONE has problems and struggles
  7. Always put yourself first- self care is everything
  8. It’s okay to say no
  9. It is possible to be kind and firm at the same time
  10. Life is very short
  11. Don’t get too caught up in this world and its worries
  12. The best is yet to come
  13. If there is goodness in your heart, you will always attract goodness in return
  14. Without failure you won’t know what success tastes like
  15. If people can’t accept you for your unapologetic self, let them go
  16. Your people will always accept you for who you are
  17. Always stay true to yourself and take your time, this is your life
  18. If you didn’t achieve what you set out to achieve, know that there is something better in store. MUCH BETTER


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An Open Letter To My First Semester At University

Dear University,

You challenged me in ways I never fathomed to be challenged.

To be honest, it was quite the blow to my ego, just how much you expected from me. It’s not like I didn’t try.I gave it my all. But you always seem to want more. You say that’s how I’m supposed to get better, Well, for me, that’s how I learnt how to settle for mediocre.

The people you gave me all had something to teach. Some taught me that people are like the wind, they come and go. Others stick with you no matter what. In the end you attract what you are so what does that tell me about myself?

There are days when I really really hate you. You see, I was bought up to believe if you put in your 110%, you can get anything you want. But you changed that.

I’m playing a new game where cunning and shortcuts are appreciated more then effort. It’s a game where all the players are so advanced in their tactics and their sweet tongues and I’m still looking for a rule book.

But I feel like we have a long way to go. I might not have fallen in love with you but I can learn to love you. Slowly but surely

Signing off

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Five Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During An Exam

Having finished all my exams for the semester (woo) I have managed to compile a list of all the questionable things that go through my head during an exam.

  1. Did we even learn this?

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I’m sure we’ve all been here before where half if not all the exam ends up testing your ability on doing something you have no clue how to do


We all have our moment of panic when the ONE THING you thought  “eh I’ll skip over this” ends up coming in the exam. I recently did an open book exam where the one thing i forgot to put in my notes turned up arrg

3. “Insert random song that gets stuck in your head”

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There is always that one song from 2007 your brain decides to resurrect instead of giving you the damn answer to the question in front of you

4. How many do i need to get right to pass the course?

To be honest, I do this before, during and after an exam. Just to be on the safer side ya know

5. I’m never gonna finish on time 

EVERY. Single. Time. No matter how much you think you’re on top of it, exams press you for time.

I hope this was relatable and entertaining!

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Why Do People Want To Travel So Much?

I feel like humans ever since the beginning of time have had an innate urge to explore. We had merchants discovering countries and fertile land. We had pirates exploring the depths of the ocean

But modern travel is quite something else I believe.

With the rise of Instagram fame and Youtube and hello blogging, I feel like people are more eager to travel and explore new parts of the world.

I guess a huge part of it is this obssession with sharing how amazing our lives really our. Ar face value anyway. Summer in Greece, Winter in Serbia, Spring in Japan. We want everyone to see how great of a time we’re having don’t we?

Globalisation would be a major factor too I suppose.

I mean it’s a good thing. Exploring new places and cultures makes us less ignorant, sometimes we delve into parts of the world that our parents would have written off as “too dangerous” or “too controversial”

We are becoming something of a travel generation and it lets us understand people better, make connections and hopefully reduces prejudice in the upcoming years when the old generation gets replaced by our new, fresh and less ignorant one.