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Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Review

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So this season just flew by I feel like

But it also came full circle

I will mostly focus on the final episode because that one left the most impression but also refer to the season as a whole

I feel like this season really used the show’s popularity to address current political and social problems that exist in our society

Everything was amplified in this season from the consequences to the emotions and I bloody loved it

I feel like there was a point in the middle and towards the end where the show hit a slump but that’s with every show I feel like

Overall, the show really captured everyone’s storyline.

I especially loved the focus on Serena this season to show how it feels to be a woman in a position of “power” rather than being a Handmaid

The last episode really captured the rape culture and the season as a whole did a very good job of exploring the attitudes around the Gillead society

Some of my favourites from this season include the exploration of June’s relationship with her mother, the different roles a woman can play in a child’s life such as mother and surrogate and how women claim their power through unconventional means

The show came full circle in that they left us hanging again. Since June is at such a crucial point of her pregnancy the next season is going to be even more intense

What did you think of this season?

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5 TV Shows To Help You Procrastinate

So it has been a hot minute since anyone posted anything on here!

I blame life and uni

But since now I have tons of time I thought I would share some TV shows I’ve been catching up on to help pass the lonely hours without studying

Dear White People

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So season 2 dropped like a month ago and this show is literally everything you need in your life! All I can say is that this season was a lot more proactive than the first one and the series as a whole deliberates on some very important and relevant issues

13 Reasons Why

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I am sure you have all heard of this one but again season 2 has been out for a bit now and it’s time you get on it. My favourite season is still season 1 but this one was done brilliantly in the way that again it starts conversations

The Handmaid’s Tale

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Okay so apparently everyone is coming out with a second season because guess what? season 2 is currently airing! This season is way more intense and confronting and I love the direction it is taking. I reviewed the first two episodes and might do a little mid season review if you guys would like that

The Sinner

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So I’ve just started watching this one and heard some buzz here and there. It seems interesting so far and its only one season long with 8 episodes so can’t hurt hey?

Engrenages or Spiral

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If you’re looking for a healthy series with about 6 seasons this one is it. It’s in French and focuses on the judicial system and crime. It’s like law and order but way more gory

Let me know if you have any show recommendations!

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The Handmaid’s Tale | Episodes 1 & 2

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Welcome to the most confronting show on the planet. For a woman anyway.

So I knew this season was going to be good but I had no idea it would be THIS GOOD

Episode One 

What a powerful opening to the season. I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible but forgive me if I freak out.

It’s like the producers researched medieval torture methods and went ‘okay let’s put them all in one episode. Couple that with an incredible soundtrack and some brilliant acting and we have some amazing cinematics.

I often found myself on the edge of my seat not knowing where the hell the episode was taking me. It went from feeling forlorn to hopeful to sad to empowered.

This episode was like a disclaimer that the rest of the season is going to be bloody good.

I especially love the very end where you’re just sitting there like YES bring on the rest of the season

Episode Two 

While the first episode was a powerful setup, this one slowed things down and explored emotions which I really appreciated

I am in awe of the fact that the story has progressed so far beyond the book

June is in an unpredictable position but she makes the most of it by paying homage to those who have lost their lives to this war. We see her finally take in the gravity of the crimes that the government has committed and we see her finally let herself cry.

Paired with that is her flashbacks of her family. What I’ve always gathered is that the memories of her daughter are what keep her going. I found it interesting how this episode explored what kind of a mother June was. We see her put her child’s health before her husband’s at some parts of the episode.

The next huge thing about this episode was the side story of Emily. Of course this was also our first exposure to the Colonies. I love how she’s getting her own cameo in the show and we learn about her past and her child as well.

There is yet another powerful ending and some connecting dots that are being put in place for the rest of the season

While this show is set so far into the future it manages to constantly address contemporary issues such as female empowerment and LGBTQ rights.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Season 2 Trailer Reaction

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In anticipation for April 25 when the second season returns I thought it might be high time I make some predictions

The trailer starts off with everyone looking quite distraught and slowly transitions into scenes of rebellion.

It looks like we’re at the brink of a war. Unlike the last season which was all about the handmaid’s this time we’re seeing the ripple effect, the families that were torn apart, people who just want their home back.

We see people travelling on horseback, people being held at gun point and show cases of love. All pointing to a season filled with emotion and shock

The soundtrack is absolutely divine too! it sends goosebumps down your spine and the lyrics can be broken down to mean a million things

The Handmaid’s Tale returns April 25 which is only 22 days away woo!

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Mini Series That You Can Finish In One Day

It can be relentless investing in a show that lasts five seasons and a healthy 22 episodes. So I’m here to share with you a new addiction of mine: Mini series!

Now, these have become very popular on Netflix but have been around for ages

Alias Grace

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This one has taken Netflix by storm. Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, the series consisting of 6 episodes follows the life of Grace who has been accused of murdering two people. It’s narrated in this beautiful monologue way and the suspense just propels you to finish it in no time

Anne with an E

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Based on the novel Anne of Green Gables, Anne with an E is another 7 episode thriller. It explores the life of young Anne after she is adopted into a family residing at Green Gables. The series captures the innocence and trials of girlhood with an added sense of drama

BBC Mini Series

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I am grouping this into one category as there are so many promising shows that BBC have developed. Some of them are as less as 4 episodes long and aim to adapt well known classics such as War and Peace, Tess of D’urbevilles, Pride & Prejudice and so on and so forth


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Maze Runner: Do the Ends Justify the Means?

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After a few exciting years, the much hyped series has come to an end with the release of the final film.

Now I have to admit, this film was my favourite out of the three simply because it was the most memorable.

If you’re an adrenaline junkie who likes their fair share of action this film is it.

What I liked about the film is that it doesn’t focus so much on dialogue as on conveying the message through actions. The dialogue at times felt a bit amateurish. However, the graphics and cinematography were well executed.

I must warn you though that you will remain on the edge of your seat throughout the whole 142 minutes as the story is packed with one suspense element after another. By the end you end up getting attached to all the characters and care way too much about their fates to escape for a toilet break.

I can’t say the film was exactly predictable and I enjoyed the distress some of the shocking moments caused.

All in all, the film ended on a good note which provided closure and left no room for another instalment.

Without disclosing spoilers I can’t write much further so adios for now!

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Everything Wrong With Split

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the brand new blockbuster where the highly talented James McAvoy plays a character who has 23 personalities living inside him. While the concept itself is phenomenal I can’t help but be a tad disappointed by the execution of the film itself.

The film initially takes the direction of raising awareness about individuals who live with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I was super pumped by this idea as raising awareness for something AND having a captivating plot is something very few can achieve.

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However, the film took a turn for the worse for me when it described this disorder as being something more than a chemical imbalance. It veered towards the supernatural and that didn’t sit well with me. I mean imagine someone describing depression as the Devil’s play. You end up brushing the problem aside and something “otherly”

Another thing that prevented the movie from being a “wow” was the lack of character depth. Yes, Casey’s character was built to the core but the same cannot be said for James McAvoy. I believe a sequel is being made and perhaps that will delve deeper into his abusive past and his DID.

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The ending itself left many quite confused. Again I believe this is due to the said sequel. But again, the directors and producers could have ended the film on a more high impact scene.

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Film Review | LA LA LAND

As soon as the curtains rolled up I recall thinking “how can this movie not be good?”

And good it was my friends. Aside from having some of the most talented actors, La La Land was riveting and artistic and relatable on so many levels.

We see the struggle of a small town actress which I know will resonate with creators from all fields. The film brings to light the struggle with rejection that artists endure. The fight to stay authentic but also well-respected. The fight to keep something alive.

Some roles are just made for certain characters and I feel like the roles of Mia and Seb were just made for Ryan and Emma. They have such amazing screen chemistry and they play the part of lost creators in a world full of potential so well. I loved how through Seb’s character you develop a certain respect for Jazz and its need to be alive. From Mia’s character we see how rejection beats us down and inhibits our creative potential.

There is just so much that can be said about this movie. The editing is fantastic, from the music to the cuts and the visual effects, everything flows very well. The producers gives us an alternate ending but in the end the characters have to live with the choices they’ve made. La La Land is truly a timeless masterpiece.

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Moonlight Cinema | Fantastic Beasts

For a magical movie such as Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, it was only fitting that I watch it open air, surrounded by nature.

The movie itself was quite literally: fantastic. There were humourous elements to keep things light, there was drama, there was mystery and of course there was magic. It was interesting to see the wizarding world in the US compared to the one in the UK.

I especially enjoyed it when, during dramatic sequences where the characters were fighting for their lives, a wild wind would rush through the grounds where the movie was being projected.

Moving onto the characters, Newt is one of the cutest actors I have come across for a while! I like how he is introverted and just concerned with his Beasts. I also loved how there wasn’t much of a romantic element in the movie, you get sick of all the mooching in the end huh.

My favourite scene would have to be when Newt introduced Mr. Kowalski to all his Beasts. In my experience, a full moon was sneaking up behind the wide screen as the scene played out. Absolutely magical.

The movie makes me want to read the book (yes, I haven’t read the book yet!) and it also makes me miss the beautiful world of Harry Potter!


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Film Review | Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Filled with thrill, adventure, and a whole lot of laughter, this film adaptation of Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children written by Ransom Riggs and directed by Tim Burton did not disappoint.

I’ve anxiously awaited the release of this film ever since word got around about its production last year. Now, I assumed they would follow the plot of the books and make like a series of three films but after watching the film, I believe they’ve condensed the contents of all three books quite well.

The film follows the story of Jacob discovering the Peculiar Children’s house and the thrilling adventure that follows the kidnapping of Miss Peregrine by one of the Wights. While there was a possibility of the arc of the film getting boring. Tim Burton perfectly maintained mystery, delivered adventure and satisfied everyone.

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I absolutely loved the way he captured the peculiarity of it all, adding a bit of humour which was befitting for the younger cast and audience of the film. The mid World War 2 era was captured well with costumes and music and the landscape of whether it be Florida or Wales was spot on.

As soon as I saw they’d cast Asa Butterfield for the role of Jacob I was convinced there would be no one who would befit the role better. Special mention should go to Eva Green who plays Miss Peregrine and did a stunning performance.

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At the beginning, I was a little iffy that Emma (played by Ella Purnell) had the peculiarity of floating whereas in the books she can conjure fire, which happens to be Olive’s peculiarity in the books. All very confusing for non-book readers I know but as the story progresses I can see why there was a switch in peculiarities and how Emma ends up playing a much critical role in the film. But I still think the female protagonist should’ve had a badass peculiarity such as conjuring fire.

Overall, it was an incredible adaptation. I think Tim Burton and Ransom Riggs really took book to movie adaptations to a greater level where they took the idea from all three novels and created this amazing film that takes you on a peculiar journey.

New blog posts will be going up every second day in November and every single day in December!