Discussion | Losing Creative Freedom

The Free English Dictionary defines freedom as

The condition of being free of restraints, especially the ability to act without control or interference by another or by circumstance

Now when it comes to creative freedom, be it writing or art or music I guess everyone’s definition varies.

I would define creative freedom as total self expression without being restrained to fit social norms or to serve a purpose other than being true to oneself.

I recently read Afterworlds which I reviewed here and as you may or may not know the protagonist is writing a novel and towards the end of the editing process, she is asked to change the ending of her story because a “happily ever after sells better” (correct me if I’m wrong)

Isn’t that just commercializing the story though?

If I wrote a justifiable ending to my novel and someone told me to change it for sales purposes I would feel torn.

So I finished reading Afterworlds and the next book I pick up, Little Women has a rather long introduction which spoils the book but that’s besides the point. What this intro also discusses are the changes and alterations the author had to go through to please the audience.

Louisa May Alcott had to “tone down” her writing and replace slang words with finer prose to make it more “ladylike”. Not even that, she had to write a sequel to Little Women where she had to marry them off


She even said herself she didn’t want to write a sequel and why couldn’t people let the Little Women be just Little Women and not things that had to be married off.

So what do you get at the end of all that?

A literary classic which lacks the author’s originality cuz creative freedom ain’t got nothing on money making.

The other side of the argument is, books are a means of business after all and musicians and artists probably have restrictions too, I just feel like books go through so much editing and there’s so much pressure on the author to “impress the audience” instead of staying true to themselves.

No one probably agrees with me on this but that’s just what I’ve been thinking lately about creativity and freedom and yeah.

So tell me your opinion on this. What’s your take on creative freedom?




Reading is Contagious

Ello Everybody!

Firstly, how do we like the change in colour scheme? with the southern hemisphere well and truly into Autumn I decided things were getting a bit stale on this blog so time to spice it up with some Autumnal colours cuz Autumn

I mean getting all cozy with a book and a spiced latte? heck yea

Speaking of books.  (As if I don’t talk enough about books already)

I’ve always wondered how one gets someone into books. You know those people who just can’t sit still for 30 seconds with their nose in a book? how do you get them to even remotely realize how amazing books are?

One of my best friends recently just finished reading what is quiet possibly her first series ever. Now. I’d like to believe that I played a certain role in that. I mean I was the one who recommended the series to her. Maybe it’s because me and her are like Siamese twins and seeing me read all the time motivated her. Or maybe it was just such an amazing series?

Another one of my other friends recently came up to me and said:

“Your compulsive reading has gotten me reading too..”

So tell me, is it the fact that recommending a good book (a nudge in the right direction) gets people into reading?

Or is it that seeing someone read all the time just triggers something in us, a curiosity as to what could be more compelling than the real world that has people pick up a book?

Do you think reading is contagious?




Reviews Vs Essays

Ello Ello!

As you may or may not be aware I was reading The Great Gatsby for school and after dragging the reading process for ridiculously long comes the tedious task of writing an analytical essay for assessment.

I mean I love analysing. I’d pick analysing over creative writing any day.

In this novel’s case though, the question I decided to write my essay on was arguing the case of whether Gatsby deserves to be called a hero. I was like “great I can see both sides to the story so I can present my essay from both perspectives”

My teacher was like nuh-uh you pick ONE side and you base your essay on that.

That got me thinking how much better it would be if only I could write a review instead of an essay.

And this post was born! Let’s discuss the pros and the cons and the tacos of Reviews Vs Essays!

1. Self expression

Reviews: If I hated a book I can rant about it, if I loved a book I can rave about it, If i have mixed feelings I can take both sides. With reviews I can pour my heart and soul and atomic matter into my piece of writing

Essays: I have to make up my mind about the book like completely. And the lack of personal pronouns and fancy sixteen-alphabet words gives the piece a detached essence. I felt like a robot yesterday writing my Gatsby essay cuz detachment.

2. The Vibe

Reviews: Some people think the reviews I write on the blog sound all posh and English-y but trust me oftentimes I aim to be casual and laid back like I’m having a chat to you about the book which is how I like it.

Essays: Here’s the deal, instead of saying “Gatsby was a heck of a man” I have to say “Gatsby’s character development evoked feelings of intrigue in the reader” . Honestly, why does everything need to be glorified and polished ugh sometimes I’d just like to say it like it is.

4. The Connection

Reviews: One of my favourite things about reviews is that I can connect to my audience, going back to the first point I just feel like it gives me the most freedom of expression

Essays: Every single molecule has to be broken down, you have to analyse the life out of the book until there is nothing but cardboard and ink . No feeling, no connection just a physical mass of paper. I’m never reading Gatsby again, sorry but just no.

Yes I know this post was really biased towards  reviews (I wonder why).  But some people like creating beautiful essays and go you if you’re that person. I guess they’re both different mediums and each is well in its own place.

hat do you think? Review or Essays?