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A.S.King’s Top Tips For Writing Strange Fiction

Strange might just be the slowly growing sub-genre when it comes to young adult fiction. The idea is to represent ideas, experiences and values through means that are OUT THERE. It’s about putting emotion into things that wouldn’t normally have emotions so you can let people know about the deeper part of yourselves.

I had the pleasure of attending a writing workshop with the queen of strange Amy King. If you haven’t already go check out all the amazing books she has written!

So here are Amy’s top tips for writing strange:

  1. Keep it real

Good stories come straight from the heart so remember to be true to yourself

2. Tell people how you feel and not what happened

Too often we get caught up in the action, the plot of a story. But the real gold lies in grabbing people into the whirlwind of emotions that you were feeling, its about raw, painful, gut wrenching feelings.

3. Write from a different perspective

One of the reasons Amy writes fiction and from various PoVs is because it makes it easier for her to project her feelings onto a secondary character. Since emotions are so personal already,writing from an objective perspective gives you room

4. Reach in

So this whole post is about feelings YAY. But yeah in determining your emotions and how you feel it’s easier said than done. Something that might help could be asking yourself, really asking yourself how you felt

5. Try putting emotions into inanimate objects

This is where the real strange lies. One of the exercises we did was pretending we were an object in the room we were sitting in. This object had to best represent how we felt. So fro example, you felt like a carpet cuz you felt walked on. It just makes the story so much more interesting if you can make things that usually don’t talk, talk.

I hope these helped you budding writing out there!

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2017 Reading Matters Public Day Recap

So that super exciting thing I did on Sunday?  I’m finally here to tell you about it

Sunday June 4 was the public day for young readers and budding writers to meet some famous names such as Jennifer Niven, A.S.King, Jay Kristoff. It was an absolutely enthralling experience to get to pick these writer’s brains and just breath the same air as them.

Today I’m here to do a recap post followed by detailed discussions on what gossip, fun and banter took place at each panel/workshop

The Speculative Fiction Panel

I had the pleasure of arriving hella late to this but I did manage to catch the end where Jay was talking about how to get boys to read more and how to encourage young people in general to leave their phones and grab a book. There was also some really great talk about what speculative fiction can do for the reading industry so keep an eye out for that post

Writing Strange Workshop with A.S.King

When I first read Everybody sees the Ants back in 10th grade, I had a dream that I would get to talk to the author about it one day. Now King lives in the US and I in Australia so I did not know how that was going to happen but boy did I dream. So yes I had the most exciting time learning how to write with one of my favourite writers and I cannot wait to share all the amazing tips!

The Contemporary YA Panel

Most definitely the highlight of my day! Some of my most favourite faces on one panel talking about the fastest growing genre in YA world! Again lots of great discussions on writing and of course some great insider goss and news about secret projects! Get keen for this one folks!

So yea, that was my hectic but totally worth it day spent at the State Library of Victoria. I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

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Winners Don’t Quit, Quitters Don’t Win?

So I’ve taken it upon myself to blog every day in June.

June guys! we’ve reached the middle, the halfway point, we’re halfway there!

Somehow it still hasn’t hit me that it is the middle of the year. I mean time is just a social construct and reality is an illusion after all.

Anyways, so the point of this post?

See I’ve got exams coming up and I feel like a lot of people have similar experiences where they get told not to be too hard on themselves this time around and to take it easy and that university is a long process blah blah.

See, the way I see it, you get one shot at this one subject so you might as well go all out or go home you know?

I like walking out of exams knowing i gave myself the best possible chance at success and if I don’t get the results I was hoping for?

Well, sometimes your best isn’t good enough but at least you’re not regretting the fact that you watched Netflix instead of doing that practice exam.

Also, if you hustle now for just s little bit, whether it be exams or a project or just life, then I’m sure when you do get to relax it’ll be totally worth it and you won’t be guilt tripping yourself.

So, that’s my philosophy when it comes to exams

Of course it’s important to give yourself regular breaks and go for walks and things

But in the end it’s your hardwork you’ll be taking into that examination room and not your procrastination so get hustling cuz winner don’t quit and quitter don’t win!

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The Friendzone

The breaker of all hearts, the doomed F-word and the ultimate verbatim of how the rest of your romantic life will pan out. Or is it really?

I’ve been doing a of thinking about the friendzone and I have a theory that it might not be as bad as people make it out to be

First of all, let’s define the F-word

According to Urban Dictionary the Friendzone is defined as the following:

This is the worst position someone can be in, if they have feelings for someone. When a person develops romantic feelings for someone, but the other person only sees the relationship as just being friends

I think this is in fact not the worst position a person can be in. Quick disclaimer but I have been in the friendzone in the past so I’m not coming from a completely ambiguous position.

I have a feeling that if someone does not reciprocate your feelings maybe it’s because they’re not supposed to?

From a completely optimistic point of view, maybe the universe knows more than it lets on and in factt knows that this person is not right for you as more than a friend.

While it might seem like the world is ending and that you’ll never be able to continue be friends, trust me, you will.

Because your amazing, perfect, beautiful self would have moved on and hey, guess what you’re left with? a great friend!

Imagine if you never took the time to be friends with them in the first place and asked them out instantly? you wouldn’t even have had a chance to add a friend onto your list. It’s either all or nothing

But with the friendzone, at least you get a friend out of it and who knows what time will bring about?

This is a fun little post I’ve been meaning to write for a while. Hope you enjoyed!

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The Place for YA At University

Something happened today.

You see, up until this point I felt a lack of reading culture at my university. It was an absence that continued to plague me and I couldn’t help asking myself?

How do these people not love books?!

Don’t get me wrong, I have found a few mutual friends who share a love of books but at a larger scale people tend to be more concerned with socialising and surfing facebook than generating thoughtful discussions on books.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect other people’s ideals but sometimes I feel like we as a society tend to be promoting a more extroverted ideal more than the notion of taking time to yourself and immersing yourself in reading or a more though provoking exercise.

Why is that?

On a more happier note, I did find a little nook at my university which is dedicated to leisure reading. The sight of shelves upon shelves of YA books warmed my heart like nothing else ever could and ever will.

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The Harsh Truth About Blogging That No One Ever Tells You

Blogging is hard

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that from every content creator out there but trust me blogging is hard.

There are periods where you’ll be bursting with ideas and your content will be on its A-game. You’ll express a rush and a high like no other.

And then one day, you’ll sit down at your laptop and the words just won’t come.

This darker period could last weeks or months and there is nothing you can do about it.

You dnn’t like the content you’re generating, you don’t like your stats but don’t wanna do anything to change it.

I call it being stuck in a rut.

Above everything else, there are so many distractions pulling you from blogging. Social media, other people’s blogs, school, friends, life.

Soon enough your blog goes neglected for months on end and the next thing you know it is harder than ever to come back.

There comes a point when you just run out of ideas. I’ve been doing this thing for three years and I’m wearing thin. There’s only so many book reviews you can write in your lifetime.

I crave that period when I’m on top of my blogging world.

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Milk & Honey & The Rise of Modern Poetry

Modern poetry has taken the internet and the world by storm. I mean who doesn’t love our deepest, darkest thoughts being convoluted into neat little poetic wonders? But what makes modern poetry so special from traditional poetry?

First of, it’s relatable as hell.

Image result for milk & honey quotes

Heartbreak, abuse, insecurities, passion, authors like Rupi Kaur and Beau Taplin have mastered the art of tapping into their own experiences and creating a universal masterpiece.

The fact that such authors are also younger means that they have an easier time convincing their adolescent or young adult audience. They occupy platforms such as Instagram that young people often find influential.

Image result for beau taplin quotes

I guess the thing I like most about modern poetry is that it encourages you to express your feelings instead of shying away from them.

It teaches you that problems are solved better when they’re out in the open

That pain is easier to deal with when shared because that makes you feel less alone in this world

Modern poetry makes people feel understood. It gives them a voice. It gives them strength.

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5 Tips To Gain More Followers On Your Blog

Even though we all say “numbers don’t matter”  deep down we all know that we have a burning desire to get our content across to as many people as possible. So, how do you go about getting those numbers without wanting to rip your head off?

1. Be Consistent 

A bit hypocritical coming from me I realise but if you have a schedule of posting two times a week on mondays and wednesdays people will catch on to that schedule and keep coming back. So just make a schedule, stick to it and reap results. It’s easier said than done but once habits are formed they’re hard to break

2. Advertise 

While blogging might be your primary platform, realistically you’re not going to reach a large audience unless you put yourself out there on other social media. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Goodreads for us booktubers.

I have an instagram account specifically dedicated to book blogging (@infinity.reads)

My Twitter updates automatically every time there is a new post on my  blog

So on and so forth

3. Review your stats 

At least once a month take time out to sit down and go through your stats. Some key things to observe besides the numbers are:

What kind of posts did viewers like the most this month? make an effort to create similar content

What didn’t fare so well this month? Perhaps you could present that same information in a more interesting fashion this month

Where are most of your viewers coming from? Through Gooogle or Twitter or WordPress?

4. Be original but not 

While it is amazing to create content that is unique to your blog, do realise that doing some tags or discussing a popular issue can get your name up there too. I would know because my feature Cover To Cover took a while to gain viewers

5. Be patient 

Good things take time. Even if you implement ALL of the things mentioned above and more, you won’t just gain 10000 followers in one night. But keep at it, have faith and things will turn out for the better I promise!


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If You Like This…You’ll Also Like This

So who doesn’t like book recommendations. Especially around this time of the year when we’re all trying to better ourselves and broaden our horizons. So here goes

If you like….

Image result for all the bright places

You will also like…

Image result for eleanor and park

Both books filled with these sweet love stories that encompass mental health issues and body image and growing up. It’s almost a given that if you’ve read one you’ll read the other

If you like….

Image result for anna and the french kiss

You will also like..

Image result for to all the boys i loved before

If you love a good contemporary read, these two books are your go to! One takes you around Paris and its romance while the other has its own charm with high school romances and yummy recipes.

If you like…

Image result for Illuminae

You will also like…

Image result for we all looked up

Illumnae is heavily focused on science-fiction and takes place outside of Earth yet it’s got humour and philosophy, which is where it is similar to WALU. We All Looked Up goes behind the philosophical meaning of existence as an asteroid prepares to destroy Earth.

I hope you found some good reading suggestions in this post. Don’t worry, I hope to do many more in the future because who doesn’t love book recommendations?


Where Is All This Going?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of this blog.

Now that I have a lot of time on my hands I’m able to post more often and in an ideal situation I would be buzzing with post ideas and new creations. However, something has been lacking lately. I’ve always been the kind of person that works on creating genuine connections rather than focusing on the numbers. But it gets hard sometimes.

This blog has been static for the majority of the year and that’s because school took priority for me. I now wonder if that will be the case next year as university and finally my career takes priority. It’s just really hard to rise above that feeling of being stuck, with post ideas and inspiration, just being stuck.

I mean there are only so many book reviews a person can write or only so many cover to covers I can do. I’ve always been the sort of person who likes being challenged and whenever things start to get repetitive I take off. I mean do you guys even like the stuff I do here?

When you think about it, less and less people are starting to read these days. We just wanna lay on our beanbags and watch Youtube right?

I’m sorry I guess I’m just a little frustrated. I’ll see you tomorrow.