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10 Ways To Not Give A Fuck

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Happy 2019 to you all!

I recently read The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck and decided to share some gems of wisdom that might benefit us all going into the New Year. Enjoy!

  1. A positive experience is a negative experience but accepting a negative experience is a positive experience: what this is trying to say is that we need to view unpleasant circumstances as a time of growth and to welcome them with open arms
  2. Pain serves a purpose and is part of the process
  3. Happiness requires struggle
  4. Good values are:
    1. reality based
    2. socially constructive
    3. immediate
    4. controllable
  5. Bad values are:
    1. superstitious
    2. socially destructive
    3. not immediate
    4. not controllable
  6. The human mind is a jumble of inaccuracy
  7. The more something threatens your identity, the more you will avoid it
  8. Define yourself in the most simple and ordinary way possible
  9. Improvement is based on tiny failures
  10. growth generates happiness

While these are not my own words, I have found them very valuable in realigning my priorities in life and learning to accept things rather than fight them.

I hope these help you as well and I would strongly encourage everyone to go read the book

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