Your One Stop Guide To Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is an island off the southern coast of South Australia. It’s a beautiful place to wind down and take in nature at its best. Here are some thing I got up to and would recommend if you ever visit!

Stay at a local motel

We stayed at the Kingscote motel which was your typical bed and breakfast. It was a one minute walk away from the seaside which was my favourite

Visit a honey farm

The island has locally produced pure honey which is worth a try at least. Visit a locally owned farm to find out how honey is made and stock up on honey products

Go seal-watching

Seal Bay conservation park is dedicated to protecting the declining population of seals so this place is worth the visit if you’re a wildlife freak. It also has some stunning views

Eat some oysters

Seafood is a delicacy on the island. Indulge in some freshly caught fish at a local fish and chip shop or if you’re extra like me visit the Oyster Farm Shop to satisfy your oyster cravings

Adjoining the farm is also the American River which offers serene riverside walks and fishing opportunities

Stroll around a lavender farm

As it is winter here the lavenders are not in bloom. Nonetheless, it is interesting to see all the different types of lavenders that can be produced and to stock up on some handmade lavender products

Catch a sunrise

Since it is an island you’ll find the sea at every corner so I’d recommend getting up a little bit early just to see that first light just blossom. Alternatively, you can catch a sunset

I hope you all get to visit this beautiful place one day!


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