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The Circus: Animal Cruelty or A Better Option?

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So today I went to the circus for the first time.

As I passed the gates there were inevitably some animal rights activists yet the circus promised a ‘new take’ on animal circus.

Part of me wondered if my money was going towards progressing a philosophy which did not match my morals at the core. I believe animals are sacred beings that deserve to be treated with the utmost respect for all they have done for humankind since the beginning of time.

Prior to purchasing tickets to the show I had done my research and learnt that the animals were treated in a respectful and humane manner.

Out of the two hour show the animals were only presented in three acts which consisted of them doing simple walks, turns, hurdles and flying(in the case of the Macaw). It was amusing to watch and the animals seemed to understand they were somehow pleasing the humans

A thought occurred to me as I watched the Welsh Pony gallop about the stage. If the pony hadn’t been taken in by the circus where would it be? One of the biggest arguments that animal rights activists present is that animals belong in their natural habitat aka the wild.

But looking at climate change, the increasing poaching industry and illegal hunting isn’t that pony better off in the circus where it gets fed, washed and applauded?

I believe animal circus doesn’t violate the boundaries of nature as long as it does not keep in captivity those animals that aren’t meant to be kept captive. Take the lion for example. Even then, chances are the lion will get captured or poached in the wild so isn’t it better off in the circus?

The truth is, humans have made an animal’s true home more dangerous than the ones humans provide.

So how can we sit there and judge animal circus? Isn’t it doing a greater service to the wild than a disservice?


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