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Book Review | The Messenger

After reading the Book Thief and absolutely loving it, I knew I had to pick this one up.

Set in generic Australian town, the novel explores concepts of love, loss and identity through a very unique perspective and mechanism.

Ed is a messenger. This means he receives one card from a deck on which are instructions he has to follow in order to make people’s lives better. What I liked about this novel is that it tells you that doing even the smallest things for people can make their life better than you can imagine. The book teaches you how to treat people, especially the forgotten ones in our society.

Ed had a clear and distinct voice from the start and he was a realistic character. I mean as with any other 19 year old he was lost and confused and of course in love. I also like how he wasn’t superhuman, I mean for the most part he was an average aussie bloke. 19057

I absolutely powered through the book because of the fact that it was so gripping, I mean you’re constantly asking yourself what the next card will be. I like how in the end, the book comes full circle and Ed has to fix his own life. The ending was truly very inceptional. Some might call it a bizarre book to be honest but I just think it presented philosophical concepts in an interesting way.


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