5 Places I’m Dying To Travel To

I bet at least once in your life you’ve thought of packing up, leaving everything behind and just exploring.

Well so have I and if time and money permitted me to, this is where I’d take off to

Cape Town, South Africa  Image result for cape town

One of my most sought after destinations. It’s got nature, wildlife, a history and it’s in the southern hemisphere so the seasons line up with Australia!

Latin America

Image result for ecuador

Puerta Rico, Mexico, Ecuador, I wanna see it all! Once again I absolutely love the culture and the Amazon and the sense of adventure this place has

Dominican Republic

Image result for dominican republic

This country recently came to my attention and might I say it looks gorgeous, It also has amazing jungle zip lining


Image result for croatia

I have wanted to visit the place ever since Game of Thrones was filmed there. It seems like a jump in time to a classy 18th century Europe

French Canada

Image result for quebec

I go where the snow goes. I absolutely love the French culture and Canada seems like such a peaceful country to visit



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