Cover to Cover

Cover To Cover | Thirteen Reasons Why

The hype around the show made me notice the book and I thought hey why not go through some of the most beautiful editions this book has been turned into

The English Edition


I’m normally not a fan of having real people on the cover but I believe this is such a haunting and captivating cover. I love the dark colour scheme too

The Other English Edition


This one caught my eye because it has this distorted look to it. Not to mention the background seems downright creepy

The French Edition


I think this one is a little less intense than the other ones. But it still has this beautiful, soul-wrenching feel to it

The Slovakian edition


I absolutely love this colour. In terms of appealing to the audience I think this cover does a good job at that. It reminds me of Eleanor & Park in a way and just I love the graphics

The Swedish Edition


I thought this cover was a bit different from the rest. It seems more retro and old school. I love her dress and how it blends with the background too!

Which one is your favourite cover? Are you enjoying the show?

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