law school

5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Go To Law School

People have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to law school and what it entails so I decided to put some of my perspective into these conceptions.

1.You like reading so you’ll breeze through law school

WRONG! Law school will change your entire idea of what it means to read. Remember when reading was fun? I don’t. You just read judgments upon cases upon arguments in law school so by the time you get to that novel you’ve been meaning to pick up. You’re drained, deranged and looking for the ratio decidendi in a Jane Austen novel

2. You like to argue so heck law school is where you belong 

Being a legit lawyer isn’t so much about creating conflict through argument as it is about resolving conflict by looking for solutions. So leave your feisty, argumentative diva behind love

3. You don’t know what you wanna do with your life yet so you’re trying your hand at law 

While this sounds alright in theory, it does not work out well in practice. The thing is, EVERYONE in law school knows what they want. This ends up being daunting. Law is a demanding degree and if you’re not in it to win it then you’re gonna lose motivation real quick honey

4. You want a job straight out of university 

Getting a free internship is harder than travelling to Mars at this point so if you think you’ll shoot out of university into a 9-5 at a top tier law firm, you’re dreamin’

5. You don’t wanna be a lawyer 

I often find myself wondering how many people in my cohort will end up being fully fledged lawyers and the thing is, if you don’t wanna be a lawyer then why are you here? Each to their own in the end but I don’t see the point in putting your everything into a degree and then not even making the most out of it in the future.

I hope you liked this post and have a lovely Easter!

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