10 Things In Life That You’ll Never Get Back

  1. You’ll never be as young as you are today
  2. With youth comes the chance to make mistakes. You’ll never have another chance to make as many mistakes as you want
  3. You’ll never have the chance to learn and grow from those mistakes
  4. You’ll never get another day quite like this one so cherish it- watch the sunset, go for a walk
  5. You’ll never get back the people you love once they’re gone- Things and people are temporary
  6. You’ll never get another opportunity quite like the one waiting for you right now- A new job title? A move to the big city? A person you have feelings for? Take a leap for faith
  7. You’ll never to get to be as insecure as you are today
  8. You’ll never get the chance to become confident by defeating those insecurities- confidence is born when you shed that toxic layer
  9. You’ll never get the chance to see Antarctica before it melts, or climb the Everest before it falls apart or visit the Taj Mahal before it corrodes- Places are temporary
  10. You’ll never get back the last 2 minutes you spent reading this post but I hope it was worth it 🙂

I’ve been thinking a lot about opportunities and taking life as it comes so I just decided to write this little something something


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