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LAW SCHOOL | Expectation Vs Reality

So I’m starting this new series on the blog which I’m sure will go on for a decade (because that’s how long it’ll take me to get my degree).

But if you’d like more serious advice posts about studying and studying law just let me know!

EXPECTATION: Life will be like an episode of Suits

Image result for suits gif

REALITY: Even the un-mentioned associates in Suits have more fun than law students

Life is more like….read drony cases from the 17th century…put up with your lecturer’s jokes for two hours..realise you learnt nothing in that two hours…come home and freak out

EXPECTATION: You’ll finish your degree, pass the Bar and land a job at a top tier law firm woohoo

Image result for top tier law firm

REALITY: Gaining legal volunteer work is harder than getting a job at McDonald’s

Image result for Mcdonalds memes

EXPECTATION: All the boys will be as cute as Harvey Spectre

Image result for suits gif

REALITY: The boys in my school (with the exception of a few cute boys who are taken) make Louis seem like an Armani model

Image result for suits gif

EXPECTATION: You can finally put your argumentative skills to good use

Image result for arguing gif

REALITY: One of the first things your lecturer will tell you is that being a good lawyer doesn’t rely on your ability to argue….





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