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The Harsh Truth About Blogging That No One Ever Tells You

Blogging is hard

Now I’m sure you’ve heard that from every content creator out there but trust me blogging is hard.

There are periods where you’ll be bursting with ideas and your content will be on its A-game. You’ll express a rush and a high like no other.

And then one day, you’ll sit down at your laptop and the words just won’t come.

This darker period could last weeks or months and there is nothing you can do about it.

You dnn’t like the content you’re generating, you don’t like your stats but don’t wanna do anything to change it.

I call it being stuck in a rut.

Above everything else, there are so many distractions pulling you from blogging. Social media, other people’s blogs, school, friends, life.

Soon enough your blog goes neglected for months on end and the next thing you know it is harder than ever to come back.

There comes a point when you just run out of ideas. I’ve been doing this thing for three years and I’m wearing thin. There’s only so many book reviews you can write in your lifetime.

I crave that period when I’m on top of my blogging world.

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