Cover to Cover

Cover To Cover | Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them

Well if my review of the film was not clear enough, here I am again with another Fantastic Beasts related post to clarify just how much I love the enterprise.

The English Edition


While this cover does lean towards the more minimalistic style, I like it. I love how the red and gold give it a magical effect and the design adds a little hint that the book belongs to the wizarding world

The other English Edition


This looks much more like a manuscript cover but there is a sort of mystical air to it. The washed out colour obviously makes it seem more historic and the illustration reminds me of the some of the first ever Harry Potter covers.

The German Edition


Now this is classic Harry Potter style. They can’t go wrong with a cover like this. It’s cute, it’ll attract the children and the adults alike.

The Bulgarian Edition


This seems like an eccentric cover. Love the gold and purple colour scheme and the detailed design of the serpentine creature.

The French Edition


I absolutely love the blue in this cover. It’s so elegant and kind of old fashioned. The illustrations are so mystical and just AHH

Which one is your favourite?

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