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Does Anyone Even Read Anymore?

As I look around myself, I see more and more people choosing more convenient and instantly rewarding forms of entertainment.

Now there is nothing wrong with that but I can’t help noticing that the average person (especially my age) does not read books anymore. It is a novelty if I find a friend who enjoys the same books as me let alone enjoys reading at all.

We’d rather go on facebook or watch Netflix or watch the movie adaptation of the book rather than read the book itself. Forget reading thought provoking classics or discussing ideologies. Those are the things of the past and just not cool anymore.

I know there are programs that promote reading all the time and with movie adaptations the YA genre has received this whole new generation of readers. But I’m talking about real books: Dickens and Dante and the Odyssey. Timeless, precious book that people need to read once in their life.

Maybe that’s why the retail price on books increases significantly every year or the number of my readers diminishes every year. No one even reads anymore


2 thoughts on “Does Anyone Even Read Anymore?”

  1. All books are real books, I think. I appreciate the gravitas accompanying the classics but other books are also worthy of our attention. I try to read a good mix of genres, reading some of the older books, the greats, but where would we be if there were no books being written since Dickensian times? In a few years, we would have finished reading all the old ones and then what would we do?

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  2. I’m not a big fan of the ‘real’ books argument- I have too many elitist friend who believe anyone who reads anything other than the classics is worthless. However, I do agree with the distinct lack of people reading. It’s a problem. Especially in regards to education, I know of a small handful of students who regularly read is their spare time & I sit studying literature with them.

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