Film review

Moonlight Cinema | Fantastic Beasts

For a magical movie such as Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, it was only fitting that I watch it open air, surrounded by nature.

The movie itself was quite literally: fantastic. There were humourous elements to keep things light, there was drama, there was mystery and of course there was magic. It was interesting to see the wizarding world in the US compared to the one in the UK.

I especially enjoyed it when, during dramatic sequences where the characters were fighting for their lives, a wild wind would rush through the grounds where the movie was being projected.

Moving onto the characters, Newt is one of the cutest actors I have come across for a while! I like how he is introverted and just concerned with his Beasts. I also loved how there wasn’t much of a romantic element in the movie, you get sick of all the mooching in the end huh.

My favourite scene would have to be when Newt introduced Mr. Kowalski to all his Beasts. In my experience, a full moon was sneaking up behind the wide screen as the scene played out. Absolutely magical.

The movie makes me want to read the book (yes, I haven’t read the book yet!) and it also makes me miss the beautiful world of Harry Potter!


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