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How To Start A Blog

With the new year do you feel the itch to start a new journey? Have you always thought about starting a blog but never got around to it or never had the right direction? Well this post is dedicated to all the newbies out there.

A step-by-step guide on starting your own blog from a rather experienced blogger.

Step #1: Choose a passion 

Before you get down to the technicalities, it’s important to first know exactly WHAT you would like to blog about.

Have you always loved reading? start a book blog

Like putting together outfits? start a fashion blog

Does taking photos interest you? start a photography blog

Whatever path you choose, make sure it’s something you’re highly passionate about because blogging is a commitment and it’s going to show if you don’t absolutely love what you’re writing about.

Step #2: Choose a platform

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Nowadays you’ve got the option of starting your blog from wherever the heck you want. There’s Squarespace. WordPress, Blogger.

Of course I work from WordPress and as someone who isn’t tech-savvy I’ve found it pretty easy to handle. But make sure you do your research

Step #3: Choose a name

I cannot stress the importance of choosing a catchy blog title. It is the first thing people will see and the first thing they’ll remember. It is your identity.

As more people start blogging, it means there are fewer names for you to choose from. Just let your creativity wander and the right name will come to you.

Step #4: Choose a theme

Image result for blogging theme

Speaking of my experience with WordPress, there is an abundance of free themes to choose from. These have colour schemes and different fonts you can choose from. Of course if you wanna go the extra mile you can buy a paid theme.

But trust me, you’re gonna change your theme. If not often then at least twice in your blogging career.

Step #5: Start Writing!

So, you have your platform. You have your name. You have your theme and you have your passion. Now it’s time to channel that passion out into the world. Show them what you’ve got. Follow my tips on how to write a kick-ass blog post.

Starting out a blog can be daunting and it can feel like you’re not reaping any rewards but here are some life lessons I’ve learnt from blogging, which shows you that it really is worth it in the end.


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