5 Need-To-Know Travel Tips

So recently I travelled to India for three weeks. You can follow my experience throughout week 1, week 2, and week 3. As I went along I learnt some important lessons I’ll be sure to remember during my next trip to any country.

Tip #1: Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity

It’s easy to let fear overtake you and talk you out of trying something new like paragliding or trying out a new food. In such case, be sure to remind yourself that if not now, when? You didn’t fly over all the way to this new destination to chicken out at the last minute!

Tip #2: Plan less, Wander more.

If you’re a Type A like me who gets very prone to creating itineraries and planning what to do or where to eat for like every hour of the day. Stop. You’d be surprised how things unfold and fall into place when you just go with the flow. Don’t feel obliged to see that super famous rock structure and create your own journey.

Tip #3: Let Go

At this prime age of my life, I am super concious about my weight and the way my skin looks. When on holiday. Let go. So what if you gain a few pounds if it means getting to eat delicious food everyday?

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to say ‘No’

Contrary to tip #1, if you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation don’t be afraid to step back. Your feelings are you best indicator and if something or someone doesn’t feel right, let that shit go.

Tip #5: Track your money

Duh. I’m convinced every travel blog has this tip written somewhere. But i’d like to put my 2 cents in. Make sure to keep hold of your receipts and tickets, anything you spent money on. Keep a little notebook and record where your money went. Overestimate how much you’re gonna spend rather than underestimate so you don’t fall short and panic.

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