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10 Habits That Will Change Your Life

In life, it is not uncommon to undergo phases where you’re under immense stress. Some people experience stress everyday through work or looking after your families.

With this being my last year of high school and finals fast approaching, I’ve found that stress has become my best friend. However, surprisingly I’ve discovered that I am not going crazy.

See usually I’m the type to bawl or snap or destroy the world around me when under stress but by ingraining these practices in my lifestyle, I’ve found stress to be a manageable and even motivational phenomena.

Pamper Yourself 

Self-care is the best form of investment you’ll ever make.

Having a hectic week? take time out to put on a face mask for 10 minutes or if you’ve got more time watch an episode of your favourite TV show. Treat yourself for once.


I know. Every guru and their mother preaches this but I personally have found this to be so de-stressing. To be completely honest, I don’t lift weights or do 25 kilometers runs.

Exercise can come in the form of walking instead of catching the bus or riding a bike or simply taking a 10 minute stretch.


Did you know water is miraculous? it even keeps us alive.

But seriously, water is the best refreshment. Whether it is drinking water or splashing some on your face, it’s like an instant burst of energy!


I know workaholics or simple lazy people who skip meals purely because they believe that to be a productive way. Being hungry makes you lethargic and low on energy which means your tasks won’t be accomplished to the best of their ability.

Nuts, fruits, chocolate bars, vegetables, chips, as long as you eat everything in moderation and eat regularly, there is no reason to worry


What goes on inside you is highly dependent on what goes on outside you. A messy desk, unwashed clothing on the floor and empty of mugs of tea will inevitably leave you feeling cranky and stressed.

Take time out to organise and de-clutter. You won’t regret it


Another guru preaching! Again I agree with the gurus that meditating is in fact, life changing. Our bodies were not designed to handle the chaos of the world we live in today. Ten minutes before going to bed, make a decision to meditate.

I recommend the phone app Calm which has super helpful guided meditations

Take regular breaks 

With studying and work, it can be easy to lose yourself and be tempted to just power through.  Do remember though that this isn’t healthy or productive.

Taking regular breaks such as listening to music, going for a walk, or chilling on your phone means you come back to work refreshed and even more energized to demolish all your tasks

Collect your thoughts 

This is in line with meditation. Basically when you’re on the bus or in the car, just anywhere that you’re alone with your thoughts, just breath and try to concentrate on your surroundings.

You’ll find that this makes it easier for your mind to catalog your thoughts and you’re more focused with your tasks for the day


You will not believe the miraculous power of surrounding yourself with good energy. After all, what goes on inside is dependent on what goes on outside.

Whether it’s your best friend, your parents, your co-worker- have a conversation. Just talking aimlessly can be therapeutic.

Make your goals really obvious 

Basically remind yourself of why you’re doing this job or this exam. I like to put sticky notes on my wall with my goals on it which means they’re always in my sight and I don’t lose motivation.

Because you’re marking that territory, you’re telling the universe: This goal is mine and I am going to achieve it

Hopefully this helped! Let me know whether you’d like to see similar posts in the future 🙂

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