17 Things I Learnt While 17

I turn 18 today. Hello adulthood!

The thought is daunting and exciting but I just want to take a moment to reflect on being Seventeen. Seventeen was a very big year in terms of growing up, life just decided to hit me from places I didn’t even know existed and I came out learning that your maturity really is defined by your experiences and not a number.

I am still intent on being a seven year old at heart but here are 17 life lessons I learnt while 17!

It’s not people that let you down, it’s your expectations from them that do.

Although it might feel like the end of the world what with exams and prom, this is only the beginning.

I have my WHOLE LIFE waiting ahead of me!

If you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing up

There’s more to life than just high school

Learning to love yourself changes EVERYTHING

It’s okay to take time off for yourself and be alone sometimes.

I am not responsible for anyone but myself (my maternal instincts beg to differ)

It’s okay to be different

Honesty ALWAYS prevails (even when it comes in the form of savage humour)

Always be kind to people

Some people are just not worth all you time and love and compassion and selflessness (and that’s okay!). You need to go through the storm to fully appreciate the sunshine aye?

I am in complete control of my happiness. My mother always says that a person who learns to stay in control of their emotions is a person who wins at life

Always see the good in people but don’t forget to appreciate yourself as well.

Time is just a concept created by humans. Age, how long you’ve known someone, don’t matter at all.

Always be grateful of the things you have because complaining is exhausting

Hating someone takes up a lot of energy and brain cells so it’s better to spread love, that way you have beautiful skin and prettier selfies




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