Reaction | GoT Season Finale

As the entire universe knows Game of Thrones aired it’s final episode for season six and viewers are still trying to recover. This episode exceeds all expectations, spanning 70 minutes it’s a movie in itself and it sums up the entire season six so well while also placing all the pieces on the board for season seven. So let’s go through the OH MY GOSH moments of this wonderful episode

The Wildfire

First of all can we just take a moment to appreciate the haunting composition that is playing in the background as the nightarish events occur in King’s Landing?

So finally, Cersei has acquired her title for being the ad Queen. She has lost all her children, she has nothing more to lose and what remains is cold blooded fury that she’ll use to cause wrath as she sits on the Iron Throne.

In a beautiful cinematic sequence, we see the wildfire engulfing the Sept, which I didn’t believe Cersei to resort to but she did and all her enemies were wiped out in one go. This is followed by a traumatized Tommen committing suicide and Maester Pycelle being brutally stabbed to death.

I believe we can only expect one thing from here on and that is a Cersei-Daenerys show down oh yeah!

The Hand of the Queen

We see Dany make some hard choices in this episode as she decides to leave Daario behind but we also see a very sentimental and crucial trust-building conversation take place between Tyrion and Dany and he’s named Hand of the Queen YAYY. I feel like Tyrion has finally, finally achieved this title fully and you can tell he’s proud

The Meat Pies

Or shall I say..the return of Arya Stark to Winterfell. I knew the producers had to make a big return but boy did they up themselves! I think Walder Frey was one of the most hated characters and he was also getting kind of annoying in the storyline so killing him was best but it also set into motion the idea that Arya is out for vengeance and she’s going to make her way through Westeros killing all those people on her list.

The King in the North


The biggest and longest running theory on Game of Thrones just got confirmed in this episode and I couldn’t contain my excitement!!!

So Lyanna did give birth to Jon Snow which means he’s a Targaeryn and he actually has a claim to the Throne and AHH

It’s quite a powerful scene when he is declared King of the North especially with Lyanna Mormont by his side and to see a character who was dead at the start of the season to become King at the end is the rise of the underdog indeed.

Of course a lot of other plots were puts into place in this episode as well. THE SHIPS ARE COMING  and I sense a war at King’s Landing. Bran is also making his way to Winterfell I believe, the women in Dorne are out of get revenge so I believe we can expect a lot of action for the next season.

I’m thinking of making a prediction post for season seven so let me know what you think and I cannot wait to rave in the comments about this episode!!



3 thoughts on “Reaction | GoT Season Finale”

  1. That was a wonderful finale, capping of a tremendous season where so many of our characters, both like and disliked, went from their lowest ebb to hitting their stride.

    Since the rise of some characters requires the fall of others, we get to see Ramsay killed, Melisandre exiled, and every Lannister (that we know of) except for the three children of Joanna Lannister die, because of Cersei.

    Bran graduated (in a way) Arya finished her internship (in a way) and are back in the action (or Bran will be once Meera figures out how to drag him to the wall.)

    We got Undead John, Undead Beric Dondarrion, Kind-of-Zombie Mountain, Undead Benjen Stark. And Unburnt Daenerys. That’s a lot of “whoa, I heard you were dead!” characters running around.

    Even Euron Greyjoy died and came back. Sort of.

    And RIckon!

    Northmen: Rickon? Wasn’t he killed by Theon Greyjoy?
    Ramsay: Nope. But check this out. *draws back bow*

    I felt that the finale had so so so much, I haven’t even noticed yet that there won’t be any Thrones for 9 months.

    We’ll see how long that lasts.


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