Reaction | Oathbreaker

Insert obvious spoiler warning 

So much happened in this episode while at the same time it was a pace setter for a few storylines in the show.

So the elephant in the room or shall I say the Crow..Jon Snow.

I really liked how they’re creating this depth to Jon’s character which is rare in Game of Throne where even the main characters get so little screen time. This episode really explored things like is there life after death? what impact does coming back actually have on you?

Like we observe Jon saying how he did the right thing and he got murdered for it. On top of that he has to execute all those traitors especially teenage Olli and that’s what does it for him I reckon.

And Now my Watch has ended 

Jon is just so done with the Night’s Watch and I think he’s gonna get out there and he’s gonna win us back Winterfell

Tower of Joy

I think every other GoT episode has to have a customary fight scene and in this episode it happened to be the battle outside the Tower of Joy, of course I’m super disappointed we didn’t get to see what was inside the Tower, the ominous baby from the sounds of it. I’m just hoping Bran’s vision by the end of the season manage to put all the puzzle pieces in place.

Rickon Stark

Upon first viewing the whole Rickon-Ramsay interaction i was like okay, then I saw some theories floating around the internet. Why would they introduce Rickon’s character only to have him executed in the next episode right?

I think either Ramsay will have something really cruel planned out or there’s already a plan set in motion that will backfire on Ramsay

Of course a few other storylines were set in this episode such as Arya getting her vision back, it’ll be interesting to see where that goes. There is also the situation with Dany and the Dosh Khaleen, I just hope Daario and Ser Jorah make it in time.


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