How to Win at Balancing

As someone going through the personal misery of Year 12, co-curricular activities and an attempt at a social life (yes, I do have one) I’ve realised the importance of creating a balance in your life. Because here’s the deal:

  • Studying all the time equals increased stress levels and no social life
  • Partying all the time equals bad grades and no chance of getting in your desired over-achieving law course.

So you see how we need a bit of both? a little partying equals reduced stress levels from all the studying you did, which is sure to guarantee you success in school because hard work never goes to waste.

Here are a few things I’ve realised help me create a balance in my lifestyle and I hope you find them helpful too!



Infinity Reads’ Top Five Tips to Balance it Out

  1. Prioritize 

I often focus on the tasks that are immediately due whether it be an essay or a debate coming up

Lists are your best friend when it comes to prioritising, start with listing the tasks that need immediate attention and add extra little tasks you could do if you’re finished. For example, if you’ve finished your English essay why not learn 5 new words of French vocab as an extra?

Remember to not set yourself 25 thing to-do when you know you’re going to over work yourself. Plus, this will only leave you feeling unaccomplished.

On that note, do remember to give yourself a pat on the back for all the tasks you did manage to finish.

         2. Take Breaks 

Your brain will actually start to shrink if you sit there for 3 straight hours doing math without getting off your chair. It’s scientifically proven, not really but trust me.

The best kind of breaks are naps, okay maybe my naps turn into a solid 2 hours of sleep, but I wake up with increased levels of production and an uplifted mood.

Another good technique is to turn your phone off (seriously chuck it to the other side of the room out of sight) and do a solid 30-40 minutes of studying and reward yourself by checking the phone for 10-15 minutes, I usually listen to music because it puts me in a better mood.

          3. The How/Where/Who

Okay, if you decide to bring change into your lifestyle, you have got to begin by first assessing yourself. As for the topic of creating a balance in your life you need to find out:

  • How do you work best?– is it by taking breaks or is it by seeing your friends for a few hours then studying or is it by allocating one day to study and one day to socialising?
  • Where do you work best?– At home, in the library or just anywhere as long as you’re with the right people?
  • Who do you work best with?– You need to surround yourself with the kind of people that realise the importance of your goals but who also encourage you to have fun at the same time

Once you’ve found your ideal formula, stick to it and pretty soon you’ll get into the habit where balance has become second nature.

            4. Have fun!

Yeah I know school and other boring things are important but don’t lock yourself in. Say ‘yes’ to more things, within your limit of course. When you look back on this year trust me, you don’t want to just remember it being you studying in your room the whole time

Create memories. Make it your goal that when you look back on this year you get that warm feeling in your stomach that you get when you see your favourite pizza


             5. Eat well 

I often come home from school feeling like I could eat everything in the fridge and the snack cabinet and the fruit bowl. I normally head to the snack cabinet, devour a pack of chips and find I have no brain power to do math. Some days, I head for the fruit bowl or some substantial food and find I’m actually okay.

So what I’m saying is eat well, the food you eat makes a HUGE difference in your mood and yeah chips are nice from time to time but not exactly reliable.


I might’ve gone off on a whirlwind in this post but I really do hope these tips helped you. You probably already knew them all but sometimes you just need that reassurance you know.





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