Personality Types | A Matter of Identity

Lately I’ve been super obsessed with reading up about personality types as a way of building self-awareness

The Jung Typlogy Test developed by C.Jung and I.Briggs categorizes people neatly into 16 different personality types based on your answers to a few situational questions.

So what did I find out?

Not only did it accurately describe the kind of person I am, the results of the test give you an idea for what careers you’re suitable for, your learning styles, how you communicate with people and what other personality types you’re most compatible with

As an INFJ my dominant traits are:





Now I’d say that’s super accurate. The test literally nailed me down to how I feel on a daily basis depending on my personality type and ahh it’s compulsive because it feels good to have yourself described so accurately, to know that a mechanical creation gets you so perfectly.

Of course I went ahead and peer pressured all my best friends to go take the test and needless to say they ended up being the  personality types  I get along most well with: ENFPs

So what was the point of this post? well since I view you all as my friends (I know aw) I thought I’d peer pressure YOU into taking the test and finding out more about yourself!

PS: This is NOT sponsored. I just get excited over the littlest things




  1. OMG, is it chance that I’m an ENFP and we get along!!! Seriously mind blown. And one of my best friends is that same as you!! Haha, when they say humanity is diverse and unpredicatable and you’re like ‘naaah, not really’.

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