Game of Thrones Season 6 Trailer | Burning Questions

Guess who’s a month late to the party?

Any who, April usually is a very Game of Thrones loaded month here on Infinity Reads and what better way to start than by discussing the trailer and attempting to answer your burning questions? (by that I mean creating more questions that I want answered)

Is Jon Snow gone for good?

I have two takes on this

#1 the optimistic take: I mean he’s dead but he’s actually a Targaryen so the dragon inside him will come alive if and when Melisandre performs her fire magic and resurrects him and he becomes king of Westeros and marries Dany cuz we can’t give up on the incest trend can we?

In all seriousness, I feel like if Jon were to make a come back it won’t be until the very end of season 6

#2 the let’s be real take: We have to remember that the Rhaegar + Lyanna theory (look it up) has been primarily fan based, I mean neither Martin nor the producers of the show seem to say much in terms of that right?

so what if Jon isn’t as important as we’d like to believe he is (was)? what if he’s dead like the 50 other important characters that have been killed on the show? Maybe Dany or Sansa or Tyrion are the survivors and Westeros belongs to one of them?

What’s up with Daenerys?

We know that the widow of a Khal is to live out the rest of her days in Vaes Dothrak. So that’s obviously where Dany has seen to be taken in the trailer. I feel like there, she’ll be treated as the lowest of the lowest and she’s essentially a prisoner since she ran away.

Although Ser Jorah finds her ring in the desert (I mean probability right?) so he’s most likely going to rescue her, but first let’s hope he doesn’t die of the Grey disease first of course.



Is Cersei gonna make a comeback ?

Oh hell yes.

If it wasn’t obvious from the best scene of the trailer aka the moment Cersei goes “I choose violence”. The Mountain or more precisely the Frankenstein like concoction is going to kick the asses of the High Sparrow’s army. The reason I sound so excited is because Cersei went from being the most hated character to somewhat of an underdog and we all love to see the rise of the underdog don’t we?


I predict Sansa’s character growth is going to be HUGE in this season, we see in the trailer her and Theon jumping off the roof to escape from Ramsey, the only logical reason they could’ve survived the fall is probably the thick snowfall. I feel it’s highly likely that Theon, Sansa and Brienne will form somewhat of a trio and try to take revenge on Ramsey by forming alliances with Theon’s family or something.

Bran can walk??

No. Maybe. Well, I realise in the show they haven’t delved much yet into Bran’s ability to have visions, but basically Bran has visions about the past or the future and in the books you get the feeling that he’s almost physically present in that vision. The show of course for visual representation’s sake must’ve decided to portray Bran as being fully present in his visions and hey, it’s just a vision right so why can’t he walk? so he can walk , yes and no.

Tell us more!

What’s more to say about the trailers? Of course it can’t be Game of Thrones without someone getting naked aka Melisandre.

Other than that, I don’t want to comment on Arya’s story line since the books are ahead of where Arya is now in the show so I wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

If you have any more burning questions or are up for a good ol’ GoT discussion let’s take it t the comments!



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