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OMG Shakespeare | Redefining Literature ft.hashtags

We’re all aware that Shakespeare has written history’s THE MOST iconic plays but OMG Shakespeare is a series of adaptations with a fresh take on the already well-known plays.

Written in the form of text messages and status updates, the “plays” make use of 21st century’s best emojis and hashtags to convey the plot and character journeys throughout:

YOLO Juliet 

Macbeth #Killingit

A Midsummer Night #Nofilter 

Srsly Hamlet 

The books span in about 100 pages each and are a quick entertaining read if you’re looking to refresh yourself between doing loads of homework. I first came across them browsing the humour section in the book store and knew I absolutely had to get them.

They take the mickey out of Shakespeare but also, the plot is extremely simplified and much less painful to read thank God. Although, I wouldn’t recommend you to start off reading these before you’ve read the actual plays, this is something you;d normally read after to have a laugh.

How pathetic some of the characters and their decisions are is really obvious in these books. The layout makes it so convenient although you have to be in the know with all the emojis and hashtags which is why the informative sections at the front and back of the books are really helpful.

For all Shakespeare fans and readers out there, I’d definitely recommend flicking through these if you ever come across them and have a good laugh!



2 thoughts on “OMG Shakespeare | Redefining Literature ft.hashtags”

    I was browsing through the Hamlet one in my school library and I LOLed so hard. The little chat boxes of them literally going ‘Yo, let’s kill Hamlet,’ just makes my life. My traditionalist English teachers disdains them but come on, dude, you have to admit how hilarious and creative these adaptations are.

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