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Shadowhunters TV Show | First Impressions

I wasn’t initially planning to watch the TV Series after being disappointed with the film back in 2013. However, I’ve been hearing that it’s actually an okay TV show so I decided to check it out for myself.

The show begins featuring Jace, Alec and Isabelle following a Demon into the club Pandemonium and I’m surprised to find that my attention is caught. Although, not the most amazing Pilot episode I have ever watched the show seems to hold a lot of promise.

The casting consists of some very attractive people. In terms of acting however, I find Clary and Jace to be a little melodramatic. Isabelle and Alec I can tell with certainty are good actors and Simon promises to be a strong role in the future as well.

The special effects are satisfactory and don’t contain any of the cringe-worthy moments that the film had thank God.

In terms of the book, the show seems to be following the story line very closely which I’m glad about. The Mortal Instruments definitely seems more suited to being a TV show than it does to being a film, just because there are so many elements and arcs.

In all honesty the Show does appear to be a bit flat however, I can tell it holds great potential and it really has the ability to take flight in the next few episodes.



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