Weekly Recap

Hi guys!

Since I’m so creative and full of blogging ideas I decided to recap my week today.

Okay, fellow Australians can relate but it was 40 degrees Celsius for pretty much the whole week. Me equals dead. And now it’s raining like that’s some sort of redemption.

I’ve lately been very obsessed with…


It’s so weird and funny and reminds me of PLL. I just started it and should soon finish the first season.

On the Blog this week

I do a Cover To Cover on one of my favourite books

I get festive with ‘Tis the season book tag 

I receive a Special Package 

I review A Peculiar Book and A Diverse Book and A Movie with lots of eye candy

This week I also realised that sometimes it’s important to just take a break and relax because life just gets the better of you.

Currently Reading




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