Do It For The Cookie

This is a post about how I donated blood the other day and why you should do it too

Ever since I turned the eligible age of 16 I’ve wanted to give blood. For me, it was never about “saving lives” or “feeling charitable”, it was just about helping someone in any way I could. And this seemed like a pretty good way of helping someone.

2015 has been a year of huge achievements and experiences for me and I wanted to add donating blood to that list of achievements/experiences.

I booked an appointment online for the following week and got a confirmation instantly. It was fate

Come day of the appointment, my mother being a nurse described to me the rather disturbing procedure to which I freaked out and was unsure whether I could go through with it.  I reminded myself about why I was doing this again.

A single blood donation can save 3 lives.


Not being one to back down I went to the clinic with my best friend who kept me distracted by talking about ice cream.

The nurses were lovely and the process was over in a giffy with minimal pain.

Then it was time for the cookie! Needless to say it was the best and most meaningful cookie I’ve ever had and this was followed by celebratory Milkshakes and gaining points for my school for donating blood!

In all honesty, I still don’t completely understand the implications of what I’ve done besides the fact that I’ve helped someone and contributed to the community. I mean I cannot fathom a critical patient in a hospital getting MY blood ahh it’s crazy and cool and wow what does saving lives even mean?

Your blood can help someone who is:

  • battling cancer or other serious medical conditions
  • recovering from surgery or an accident
  • Pregnant or giving birth

I wrote this post in hopes of encouraging YOU to donate and save someone’s life

Will you do it for the cookie?

To find out more visit (Australia). International readers please contact your local blood donating services to get involved!




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