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Binge Reading | The Problem

As promised in my previous post recapping PTA Live, I’m here to discuss the problems with binge reading and why it’s important to slow down with our reading especially in this media focused world of “the next Hunger Games” or “the next Must-Read YA”

For bloggers and  readers it’s important to remember why you started reading in the first place. For me, it was a hobby, it was about discovering the next adventure, meeting new characters, learning life lessons.

For me, it was a hobby

However, as I entered the blogging-world and even prior to that what with Goodreads and Twitter and local bookstores beginning to promote “The next Hunger Games” I found myself getting caught up in this cycle of the next book and the next and the next….

You get so caught up in focusing on the future, the next book you’re going to read or the next series you HAVE to get onto because the whole universe is raving about.

You forget to appreciate the book you’re currently reading because I guarantee you it’s as a piece of art as the book you’re planning to read next

Take a moment to focus on your current read. Forget social media or mass advertisements. Read at your own pace. Block out the distractions.

And here’s the deal, books are eternal, they’re in print forever, it’s not like the next 5 million copies of Mockingjay are going to vanish into nothingness just because the last movie is out and it’s all over. It’s going to be here forever. You have all the time in the world to read all these books so don’t rush

I’m currently stuck in the cycle of “the next book” too and you’ll find that reading seems like a chore in this cycle so this post is as much for me as it is for you!

Jeann @ Happy Indulgence did a much ore articulated post on a similar topic which you should definitely check out!

Thank you to Penguin Teen Aus for this much needed reminder!

Let me know in the comments, Why did you start reading in the first place?



2 thoughts on “Binge Reading | The Problem”

  1. I started reading because I absolutely, unequivocally love it. I’m so glad people are putting up posts about this, because it’s such a huge issue for us. I think I’ve burned myself out a little, becasue I find myself marathoning HIMYM on Netflix instead of reading. I mean, no complaints here, but I actually can’t stop. Thank you for the reminder 🙂

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