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Bookish Places I want to visit in France

Bonjour from France!

I currently come to you from the North-West of France and am about to hit up Paris so here’s a list of places mentioned in books and such that I cannot WAIT to visit

Point Zero 

I first came across this in Anna and the French Kiss. It’s basically the start of everything in Paris and I can’t wait to stand on it and make a wish.

Shakespeare & Company 

I mean if that isn’t every book lover’s dream! it’s covered HEAD TO TOE in books and all these famous people have gone in there and written and ahhh

Cimetiere du pere Lachaise 

This also appears in Anna and the French Kiss in a very inappropriate context. But it has lots of famous artists’ grave such as Oscar Wilde!

Notre Dame 

Hunchback of Notre Dame anyone? but seriously I’m very excited to see the colourful windows and hopefully we can climb to the very top!

Latin Quarter 

This, particularly La Sarbonne the university makes a cameo in Anna and the French Kiss. It seems like a very hip place so can’t wait

The Seine 

Night time Paris strolling anyone? ah if only I wasn’t forever alone. Oh well, ain’t nobody needs a man to have fun in Paris!

Saint Etienne Du Mont 

I want to go here purely because Etienne St.Clair was named after this saint

As you can tell, I basically want to retrace Anna and the French Kiss, but hopefully I end up going to ALL of these places and the next time you see pictures of all these places I’ll be in them!



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