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Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases For The Rest Of The Year

Long title much?

I have a feeling I’ve already discussed my most anticipated releases but hey no harm in repeating myself, plus the titles I’m about to mention have scarcely been discussed on the blog. That’s right, they’re exclusive.

NOTE: Goodreads link in the title of the book


Author: Rick Riordan

What’s it about?

Vikings basically. If you’re a fan of Percy Jackson or any of Rick Riordan’s stuff then you get my excitement. I cannot wait to become a prodigy at Norse Mythology now


Author: Richelle Mead

What’s it about?

The title literally gives it away. It’s about a girl who lives in a village where there is no sound. So they’re all basically deaf, which is going to be so interesting to read about. And I think it’s Chinese in nature? yay


Author: Julie Murphy

What’s it about?

A self-proclaimed fat girl who enters a modelling competition. I think it’s going to be a great read about self-image and being comfortable in your own skin, all that good stuff.


Author: Sarah.J.Maas

What’s it about?

If you’re keeping up with the times (likes I am jk) this is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series. I cannot wait to see how the series ends and I’m sure this is going to be an action packed read



Author: Marissa Meyer
What’s it about?
This the final book in The Lunar Chronicles. It’s basically a fairytale retelling of Snow White but set on the Moon. If that doesn’t grab you in then I don’t know what will

I hope you discovered some new books to be excited about! Let me know in the comments any new releases I should get hyped about!


5 thoughts on “Top 5 Most Anticipated Releases For The Rest Of The Year”

  1. I’m currently catching up on Throne of Glass and The Lunar Chronicles. I’m on book three of each. They’re getting good!

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