17 Things I Wanna Do While 17

So guys I turned Seventeen today. I know. Old. Seventeen doesn’t seem like such a special age, I mean you have your Sweet Sixteen, then there’s your eighteen. But I’m determined to make this a special age. I came up with a list of 17 things I wanna do while I’m 17. It was difficult trust me

1. Travel: I deliberately chose this one because I know it for a fact. More to come on the blog about this!

2. Go Camping with friends (can you believe we haven’t properly done that)

3. Try New Things

4. Read (duh)

5. Act Like a Seven Year Old (I already do this but)

6. Meet New People

7. Relax (cuz we all need to sometimes)

8. Take Pictures and Print them: I really need to start treasuring memories

9. Fail In Love: Cheesy and Overrated but ye never know 😉

10. Go Stargazing

11. Go to Formal (or as Americans like to call it, Prom)

12. Dress up for Sports Day (I’ve never done this but in my last year of high school I’m gonna make this happen)

13. Become Independent: Because I literally have 365 days until I’m an adult. WHAT

14. Blog (that’s not stopping anytime soon)

15. Go On Adventures: Big and Small

16. Write

17. I can’t think of anything else so comment below another thing I should do while I’m 17. I promise I’ll try!



8 thoughts on “17 Things I Wanna Do While 17”

  1. Happy Birthday. 17 was a really good year for me and I hope 17 will be good to you as well. Good luck with your list, hope you accomplish everything you want to do 🙂

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