Reaction | The Dance of Dragons

So my friend spoiled the episode for me since I had no time to watch it before today…….

But yeah let’s be all original and talk about the most talked about events of the episode!


It came a bit out of nowhere and I’m sure many people including myself were like WTF WHY.

I was just all emotional during that scene like STANNIS HOW COULD YOU

But if I think about it, we know how crazy Stannis is about Melisande. Add that to the fact that he’s in a desperate situation after Ramsay’s ambush which left him with no food. Plus the show producers probably wanted to kill her character off since her story line wasn’t leading anywhere anyway. I guess it’s justified if you think of it that way but it’s still a bit extreme.

And Game of Thrones is all about being extreme!


Okay so let’s address the elephant in the room or rather..the Dragon in the room (see what I did there? no? okay)

I was literally screaming at my screen when Ser Jorah was fighting them Mereeneese people. I just don’t want him to die okay?

This meme perfectly sums me up during that time…

Those were intense times. And then there’s an ambush from the Sons of the Harpy!

Doing an ambush was way more dramatic and interesting. Remember how in the books they used poisoned Locusts?. Nah.

And then when all hope is lost and I know he’ll save Daenerys but I’m still sitting there holding my breath and in comes Drogon!

It was totally badass when Drogon just burned the Sons of the Harpy down and then I love it when he’s just like

“Hi Mommy”

And then of course my favourite moment happened. The one I’ve been waiting for all season long. DAENERYS FLEW ON TOP OF DROGON

And I was just sitting here feeling all elated like

Apart from all that exciting stuff I like how the Arya and Meryn Trant storyline is developing along and Dorne was pretty interesting as well in this episode except I zoned out oops.

That was my very reactive reaction for this week’s episode. I know I’m late to the game again but EXAMS.

What did you think?





  1. Congratulations on getting up to date on the latest Game of Thrones! It’s great to read your recaps with the emotive images expressing you feelings. (The cat praising the lord was So Good.)

    Tomorrow night… last episode of Season 5. Then the wait for Season 6 begins…

    Liked by 1 person

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